Murad Cellulite Solution Regimen Trial

I have a confession to make.

I’m not bothered about my cellulite. I know the media tells me I should be – but really, I’ve got more important things to worry about. And anyway -it’s behind me- I don’t even have to look at it – so why stress?

 *NOT my arse. But what a great picture.

I mean, I’m 40 – and I’ve had 4 large kids (I know I remind you of this often – but if you had sprung forth a total of 38.25lbs of human from your loins you would probably wear it like a Blue Peter badge too) – I’m SUPPOSED to have cellulite.
However, what I do NOT appreciate is the slightly ‘baggy’ baby belly that Max left me with. Yes Max – it’s your fault that Mummy can’t show her midriff even slightly without sucking it all up REALTIGHT.

Max caring not a JOT about his mother’s stomach.

So – being the awkward cow that I am – when I got the chance to trial the Murad Cellulite Solution – my first thoughts were – EXCELLENT – baby belly here I come. 

So. I started last Saturday. The regime entails taking two packets of supplements, one in the morning and one at night and using a serum and cream on the affected area of bottoms and thighs (stomach).


So far it’s surprisingly easy.  I have already noticed a general improvement in the skin on my face.  And applying the serum/creams is no hard labour for me. I grease myself like a chicken pre-roast every day anyway.

I may be going nuts but I think the supplements are also improving my sleep.

So, we’ll see – will I look like THIS afterwards?:

Helena Christensen looking fabulous – for a change.

Err. No. But that’s OK.  Watch this space.

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