Murad Trial Update/Supplement Tips

One week in…
I started trialling Murad’s Cellulite Solution just over 2 weeks ago – original post here.

Do I still have cellulite? Obviously. BUT – I have noticed a few changes in my habits..

  • I am eating less. Yes. Really. I thought it could be down to the heat… but I really seem to be eating LESS in general.  
  • I am persevering with the supplements – despite the definite whiff of vitamin B (GAG).  I am however, admitting to breaking the habit occasionally and am not giving myself a hard time about it. I honestly think that most people would do the same and so consider this a REAL trial!
  • I am drinking an inordinate amount of water.  Again – could be down to the heat – but I’ve never kept a jug on my desk at work for ease before!

 I have dipped in and out of taking supplements for years.  Never completely habitual, but always taking SOMETHING… so here – a few of my faves and some tips that you may find helpful if you want to supplement yourself..

  • One of my all-time favourites is Floradix.

I have been taking this on and off for over 19 years. It was recommended to me by my midwife to boost my HB levels in pregnancy.  It contains organic iron, herbs, vitamins and is basically a brilliant boost if you are run down in ANY way.

  • Vitamin D – more of that here. Get some. Today.
  • Folic Acid – have been taking this since I was 13 and started my periods. It’s not just for pregnancy. Read up about it – your body needs this to synthesize and repair your DNA – get to it.
  • Magnesium – this was recommended to me on my first day (many years ago) at The Organic Pharmacy. I went for a health check-up – (something they do for all their staff – nice eh?) and mentioned that I had a very stiff neck and had done for years – I was also grinding my teeth at night.  I was prescribed magnesium and have never looked back.  It made a difference overnight – amazing. Taken at night it also aids sleep.
  • Omega oils -fish or flax for vegetarians – too many known benefits to list here – but everything from skin, hair, nails, brain function, cholesterol and heart disease can be aided by these wonder oils.

And just quickly!

  • Never take iron with calcium (i.e. a glass of milk) – they work against each other. Take iron with vitamin C  – orange or apple juice
  • Never take iron before bed – take it in the morning – personally gives me wild dreams and keeps me up all night if I do
  • Always take vitamin B and any oil supplement BEFORE food. Otherwise you’ll be burping fish and thus gagging for hours afterwards. Ugh.

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