Emma Hardie New Year Giveaway – CLOSED

I harped on so much about Emma Hardie last year that the lovely woman herself has donated the below products as a Thank You to you all for putting up with my persistant praise/nagging.

The Giveaway is worth £107.00 and includes:

1 xAmazing Face Special Edition Gift Set

includes 1 x Amazing Face Rejuvenating Night Cream and Limited Edition Candle infused with Rose, Mandarin and Jasmine


1 x Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Luxury Cleansing System

includes 1 x Moringa Cleansing Balm, 1 x Exfoliating Seeds and 1 x Buff and Polish Cloth

So, if you would like this gorgeousness turning up in your post, simply leave me a comment telling me about the best facial you’ve ever had. What made it great? Who did it? And where?

Due to the weight of this giveaway I need to limit it to the UK only – sorry overseas folks – next time!

I will announce the winner this Friday 14th January – so get cracking.

Small type.
My decision is final. If you don’t agree with it, tough titties.
I am not being paid for this giveaway but as stated, the goods were provided by EH. 
Yes you can enter if you haven’t had a facial – I’m not that mean! 🙂

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