I first received some Rituals last year as a gift and have to confess I was a bit of a product snob when I received it.  I’m not entirely sure why but I had always walked past the Rituals shops and not really entertained the thought of going inside.

To be honest I’m a little conflicted about the marketing of Rituals. The products that I have tried from the range have all been good enough to sell on their own merit but the different ‘rituals’ can be a little confusing. At least, confusing to ME…

All of that aside, as I said, the products are good – really good. So far I have used 3 items from the range and they all perform well.

I am especially liking this shower gel.  Firstly, you only need a minute amount, it exits the pump as a gel and very quickly explodes into a silky soft foam – not unlike a shaving foam – but a good one.

It spreads easily, is not sticky and cleanses gently without stripping the skin and leaving it tight and dry. And it’s affordable. £6.50 for a 200ml tin, it comes in 4 flavours (I think?). Also good for smaller members of the family – although they prefer..

Bubbles… The Energy Bubbles again are soft, non-drying and give good foam – enough foam to keep the small people happy too.

Although my favourite, rather predictably, is a body butter. Except it’s not a butter – it’s whipped cream – at least in texture.

Magic Touch Ultra Rich Whipped Body Cream really does have the texture of just-whipped cream. It’s really light without losing any of its hydrating capabilities and absorbs almost on contact – which is a bonus if you need to get dressed immediately. It also retails around £10.00 so is very reasonable.

So the verdict on Rituals? Good products, great as gifts, confusing message – at least for numpties like me. I would suggest visiting a store and talking to one of their assistants or using the John Lewis website – which I found simple to use. *relieved*

Rituals is available in John Lewis and on their own website.

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