Daniel Sandler Giveaway

The always lovely Daniel Sandler has contributed a few of my favourite products from his fab range in honour of the gobby one’s (me) blog birthday. They include:

Award Winning Infamous Watercolour
Watercolour Brush

Foundation Brush – my absolute favourite. I use it for mask application too.

Baby Jet. Absolutely perfect for building up coverage and especially brilliant for lower lashes.

One of the above Super Glosses in Raspberry. Beautiful texture, easy application.

To win simply:

  • Follow Beauty Mouth from any option over there —–>
  • Leave a comment below saying Happy Birthday to Daniel/expressing your utmost love and adoration to him (he is SO going to KILL me) as he celebrates his birthday in May too!
    Happy Birthday Handsome. A true Gent. Bless his little cottons.

    That’s it.
    Giveaway ends 27th May.

    One Prize.
    One winner.
    Good Luck!!

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