Thursday, 19 May 2011

Daniel Sandler Giveaway

The always lovely Daniel Sandler has contributed a few of my favourite products from his fab range in honour of the gobby one's (me) blog birthday. They include:
Award Winning Infamous Watercolour
Watercolour Brush

Foundation Brush - my absolute favourite. I use it for mask application too.

Baby Jet. Absolutely perfect for building up coverage and especially brilliant for lower lashes.

One of the above Super Glosses in Raspberry. Beautiful texture, easy application.
To win simply:
  • Follow Beauty Mouth from any option over there ----->
  • Leave a comment below saying Happy Birthday to Daniel/expressing your utmost love and adoration to him (he is SO going to KILL me) as he celebrates his birthday in May too!
    Happy Birthday Handsome. A true Gent. Bless his little cottons.

    That's it.
    Giveaway ends 27th May.

    One Prize.
    One winner.
    Good Luck!!


    1. Happy Birthday Daniel A Fellow May Baby :)

    2. Very Happy Birthday to Daniel! :)

    3. Oooo Daniels another May baby then!

      Sweet like honey, and as caring as a bee,
      Heart like an ocean, filled with glee.
      Life with you is not just an unclained melody,
      But even better than life long symphony.
      And I'm so glad that you my dear,
      You've just completed one more year.
      Happy Birthday Daniel!!!!!

      Jo xx

    4. Happy Birthday Handsome Man and Happy Blog Birthday Gorgeous Lady! I am a bit of a beauty novice really so I am not that familiar with these lovely looking products but I trust your opinions, Caroline, so I bet they are awesomeness.

    5. Happy Birthday to Daniel, the Patron Saint of beautiful blush. x

    6. Happy Birthdays all round!
      When does this giveaway close?

    7. Big Happy Birthdays all round! xoxo

    8. Happy Birthday / Penblwydd Hapus to you both (Try and imagine a Welsh girls singing it to you in a not so tuneful voice!)

      I LOVE the Foundation Brush too and have got a number of Daniel's fab products on my shopping list so if I won this I would be a VERY happy beauty blogger!

    9. Happy Birthday!!!
      karen s
      twannywun at hotmail dot com

    10. Happy Anniversary of your birth Daniel! I would like to express my love and adoration to you by pledging my allegiance to the Sandler cause and all that it stands for. Oh leader you are clever and wise and strong and every word uttered from your lips is 100% pure genius! *cough cough* that enough sucking up now Caroline? :) lol

    11. A very Happy Birthday to you, Daniel!

      I cannot wait for your products to receive the distribution and attention they deserve State-side. Your watercolor blushes are to die for!


    12. Happy birthday too you, happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Daniel, happy birthday tooooo yooooouuuuu!!!


    13. Happy birthday Daniel and beauty mouth!

      Anna x

    14. Fantastic giveaway - I am dying to try some Daniel Sandler products and he is a great guy!

      Happy Birthday Daniel, hope you have a most wonderful birthday xx

    15. Happy Birthday to Beauty Mouth & Daniel Sandler! I'd love to be considered for this giveaway- thanks for sharing! x

    16. Happy Birthday! Let's hope the weather stays lovely for it :) x

    17. Happy Birthday Daniel! Lovely giveaway, many thanks!
      Best, Lisa

    18. May babies are the best :) I'm one too :) I have some of these products and agree that they are great. Some I havent tried so perhaps this will be my chance!

      Happy Birthday Daniel. I hope you have the loveliest and sweetest of days with lots of relaxation! May is the best month xx

    19. Happy birthday!!!! :)


    20. Happy birthday to ya!

      Enjoy seeing what the next year brings for you. It's full of promise!

    21. A big happy birthday! Keep creating wonderful and innovative makeup!

    22. Happy birthday, you are an inspiration to us all :)


    23. Happy Birthday! Watercolour blush is wicked :) Thank you.

    24. Very Happy Birthday Mr Sandler. 21 again?

      Ellie x

    25. Happy Birthday Daniel! Caroline, I get the feeling he wont be happy about this... LOL x

    26. yey Daniel! Happy birthday to you, you gorgeous human! LOL

      katch05 at gmail dot com

    27. Happy Birthday to you (both) , happy birthday to you (both), happy birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Daniel Saaaaaandler and Caroliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine, happy birthday to yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou!

      Now I must add..I NEED all of the above in my life, like I need Oxygen, will love you both FOREVER and EVER.

      Keep up the brilliant blogging and hilarious tweeting.

      Love, Farrah

    28. Gelukkige verjaardag (Happy birthday in Dutch) Daniel and the Beauty Mouth!

    29. Happy Birthday Daniel and the beautiful birthday girl! Go on - treat yourself, you know you deserve it :)

    30. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Caroline and Daniel, Happy Birthday to you!

    31. Feliz cumpleaños both of you! I hope the coming year will be kind and prosperous to you!

    32. Happy birthday Daniel and Beauty mouth! x

    33. Happy Birthday Daniel!
      Really enjoyed watching you on QVC. I spent too much money but it was worth it, your products are fab :)

    34. Happy birthday daniel!
      after trying out his foundation and concealer combo and absolutley LOVED it, i would deffinatly love to try out more of his lovley things!

    35. Happy Birthday Daniel and Beauty Mouth! :D Hope it's splendid! xx

    36. Happy brithday to youuuuuu, Daniel!!!!

      Thanks a lot! Good luck 4 everyone!

    37. Happy birthday to Daniel (and the lovely Ms Hirons too!)

    38. Happy Birthday Daniel and Caroline!

    39. happy birthday :***

      pretty-mouth kisses for the pretty-mouth blog

      (if only they were supergloss-sticky too...)

    40. A very Happy Birthday to you, Daniel!
      hope ur birthday is blast :)

      I cannot wait for your products to receive the distribution and attention they deserve


      email :


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