Jergens Naturals Feel Fantastic Skincare Experience

Right. You know how much I love Jergens naturals already. Especially this one:

And given the option, I definitely prefer to feel Fantastic than not. So an opportunity to combine the two? And share the love with you lovely peeps too? Where do I sign up?! Actually, I already have – and you can do so right here on Beauty Mouth.

Jergens launch their Feel Fantastic Skincare Experience next week – a nationwide campaign to find out what makes women feel great, inside and out. There’s more to life than body moisturiser (allegedly, so I’m told). Things such as Health & Wellbeing, Money, Relationships and Fun & Recreation. Jergens will be giving out celebrity tips, answering questions and getting everyone involved on their facebook page.

I have 24 bottles of Jergens Naturals to giveaway to you lovely soon-to-be-soft-skinned people so that you can experience it yourself and feedback on how you get on and how (hopefully) fantastic it makes your skin feel.


  • ‘like’ the Jergens page over on facebook
  • follow Beauty Mouth
  • leave a comment with a valid twitter id/email address

That’s it! Get cracking – your skin will thank you for it. Trust me!

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