Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Elemis' Think Pink Beauty Kit

October is almost upon us once again and having lived through the diagnosis, treatment and subsequent all-clear this year of my oldest and bestest friend, I am going to be all over Breast Cancer Awareness month like a Durannie on SLB (frequent readers will understand).

I love the team at Elemis. In the old days of donkeys and carts - well, almost - when I was a SpaceNK Manager, they carried Elemis. One day the front door to the shop opened and Noella Gabriel burst through like a friendly bat out of hell: 'JesusMaryandJoseph you've no bread and butter!'  Noella is Irish, actually she's Oirish - if you know what I mean - and in Noella speak that meant we had run low on stock of basics, cleansers, toners and moisturisers etc... I knew there and then that this was a woman to hang with.

Elemis have always put their money where their mouth is and have 'given back.'
This year for Breast Cancer Awareness month they are pledging £10,000 to the cause. £10,000! Take that in for a minute - it doesn't mean - 'here's a product and 5% of the sales (after costs) are going to the charity'. It means they are GIVING £10,000 to BCC.

The Think Pink Beauty Kit is available now and contains a 15ml Pro-Collagen Lifting Treatment Neck and Bust 'Boob Tube', a 30ml special pink edition of their No.1 selling Pro-Collagen Marine Cream and a 50ml Skin Nourishing Shower Cream. Not to mention the patent pink bag that should have 'Caroline' printed on the front. It will retail for £29.90 but is worth a whopping £59.80.

Go get your groove on. And while your at it get your hands all over your boobs. Take care of yourself Ladies. Elemis have so far raised over £50,000 for Breast Cancer Care - Elemis, I salute you.


  1. looks lovely, ill be picking one up :D

  2. I love the case that they come in! and for £29.90 I will deffo be getting one, and doing my part to support this awareness!



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