Monday, 21 November 2011

New Launch for 2012 - Aveda Invati

Let's set the scene. The picture above shows my brother, my father and my uncle. Oh and me. Spot the difference? I'm the one with hair. Well, not counting Dad's moustache. As you can see from said picture my father's genes run strong in our family. And that's just with the cheeks. Since I hit 40 (yes a few years ago now) I have noticed more hair in the plughole after a shower and a definite thinning in the front parting. People say they can't notice but I can.

So I was more than a little excited when I attended the launch of Aveda's newest range and discovered it was for ages 35-40+ who were concerned with thinning hair. Bliss.

Invati is the first major launch from Aveda haircare for years and from my impressions so far, well worth the wait.

There are 3 products in the initial offering.

Exfoliating Shampoo £18.50

Thickening Conditioner £20.50

Scalp Revitalizer £41.00
Invati is 97% naturally derived and improved hair loss by 33% in trials. It is specifically for women who are concerned with hair loss, thinning, loss of volume, lack of density and a tight or dry scalp - all signs of ageing.

The Invati range is designed to invigorate and stimulate the scalp thus exfoliating the hair follicle and removing the build-up of sebum and product that can inhibit healthy hair growth. Using a mixture of ingredients but primarily naturally derived salicylic acid, turmeric and ginseng so far - it does what it says on the bottle.

I felt a difference in the thickness of my hair after the first use and there is definitely less hair in the plughole. The fact that it does all of this without coating it in silicone (M*r*cc*n Oil anyone?) and chemicals is not just an added bonus - it's bloody genius.

Also, being Aveda and to my mind the most eco-aware brand on the planet - they have partnered with Indian farmers to source Ayurvedic organically-grown herbs while supporting local communities through projects to repair ageing water systems in two villages. Aveda don't just talk the talk - they put their money where their mouth is. Something I'm glad that the Lauder group continued after their acquisition.

The only thing negative is that I will run out of the shampoo and conditioner before it launches in January.

For more information on Aveda, their products and current projects around the world - here.


  1. Do you know if this would work for stress related hair loss as well as age related? I know you say it is aimed at 35+ but I'm willing to give *anything* a go that could stop the handfuls of hair i'm losing xx

  2. @Georgia: On My Mind In the past I have used Bhringaraj oil on my scalp and its worked well for hair loss. You can get it from any good ayurveda shop. I love Aveda but these days its a bit out of my budget.

  3. You can add using coconut oil for hair at least once a week. It is traditionally used in India by women to gain in volume and shine of hair. You may consult a herbal expert in this matter.

  4. Hmmm. These sound interesting! I might give it a try when they launch. I don't lose too much hair every wash, but all the same, it's thinner since I went through menopause.

    The only problem I have with Aveda is that their perfumes all seem to smell the same. Just out of interest, what do these products smell like?

    1. Debra stylist at The Room Salin2 September 2012 at 04:07

      The products are all natural,they do not smell the same etc Rosemary mint smells peppermint like rosemary. Color conserve shampoo smells like flowers . Invati smells like evergreen and cond. smells like the spice turmeric.

  5. I love Aveda products - I think they really do give you the nicest hair with the least amount of fillers and junk. This line looks great!

  6. I love Aveda products. Where can we buy this new line?

  7. Georgia - possibly - because it detoxifies the scalp - I'm sure one of my reasons is stress also!

    Tania - I know what you mean - it does smell 'Aveda-y' :)although to me, more like the body products than say, Shampure

    Anonymous - Its out in January and will be at all Aveda stockists.

  8. Just bought this range today £80 for the three products - lets hope its worth it

    1. How are you finding it?? I'm not sure wether to try??

  9. hi

    I am looking to buy this but £80 is quite expensive and im not sure if it is worth it?!

    also as i oily scalp using the treatment twice a day will this not make my hair even more greasy


  10. What happens when you stop using it? Is this a forever thing? Has it been around long enough to know?

  11. I personally LOVE the Invati line. I don't really have any scalp or hair problems, I'm just a girl who wantsher hair to be fuller, healthier, shiner and longer... I've been using the sh&c for about 3 weeks now,first shampoo I noticed fuller, more abundant hair! I love the smell and the way my hair looks and feels after I use it. A friend of mine said it has helped her hair grow faster... I'm counting on it!!!

  12. I am just about to try these out! I have used Aveda products for years, namely the Damage Remedy and the Pure Abundance, but I am looking for a shampoo that will prevent hair loss and strengthen hair so that way I don't need to repair or use volumizing products! I am excited :) As soon as I finish off the Pure Abundance, I shall go get some :)

    Are you still enjoying these products?

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