Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Taking a stand against Photoshop.

Following my post below on the still-can't-quite-believe-how-horrific-it-is photoshop job executed on Zooey Deschanel by Rimmel - I was contacted by Collin Resultime, who have featured previously on this site with their fabulous Collagen Gel .

In their most recent campaign for 2012 'We Believe', Collin are taking a stand and using real women in their images instead of picture perfect face models. 

So confident are they in the results customers will achieve using their products, they are putting them out there - six women across all decades - lines and all, for us to judge for ourselves.

Now, I know it has been done before - and time will tell if their next campaign follows suit, but for now, let us enjoy a real face, on a real woman, which, although I can still see some light photoshopping, I am assuming is recognisable as herself to those who know her. Unlike poor Zooey, the Stepford Duck Face Wife. 


  1. But this picture is still photoshopped, so this company 's 'stand' is moot.

    1. I know what you mean Dee! I'm more inclined to give them a break as the press releases aren't. I would have put them up but they're not formatted. I'll ask them. :)


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