Thursday, 15 March 2012

Clinic on Thursday - Clinic is Closed.


Once again I want to say a massive Thank You to those of you that responded with such lovely comments. I'm thrilled that you are seeing results - and equally happy that you are coming back to me with further concerns.

I will get these answered over the next 48 hours - there's a LOT!


Morning All!

The Clinic is open for questions.

Go easy on me! You Ladies have been hardcore recently!! :)


  1. Underneath my eyes have been very dry and flaky recently what can I use on this area to hydrate?

    I've also that fine red veins on my cheeks are getting more prominent, this is something both my mother and aunt suffer from but it does mean I'm not comfortable going out without a foundation on. Can this be helped or am I stuck with them now I have them?

    I'm 32 if that is of any use?


    1. You can certainly try and stop them from getting worse by using ranges such as Darphin Intral which is specifically for your type of skin. Have you been using any AHA's or topical exfoliants on your skin? That can cause flakiness - it's hard to say without saying actually seeing you but it could also be eczema/psoriasis - very common around the eyes - stress usually...

      You can get your veins lasered off with Thread Vein therapy - just google it and make sure you go to someone registered! :)

  2. Open pores! Will anything help? I have them all over my nose and either side.

    1. Not really tbh and anyone who tells you otherwise its bullshitting you.

      You can temporarily make the appearance of them smaller with clay mask products and appropriate toners - but if they are there - they are there.

  3. Ok, hopefully this is a gentle one for you.

    I got hold of P50v 1970. Wow, what a smell....
    Anyway, where should it fit in to my routine? Instead of Alpha H liquid gold or on alternative evenings. (I'm happy to drop the Alpha H if you suggest) I have some redness on my cheeks, should I introduce something from the Darphin Intral range on them or see how I get on with the P50?

    Also can you recommend a serum for dehydrated skin. I am upping my water intake, but would like a product too.

    Sorry, thats more than one question. I'm very greatful for all the effort you put into the clinic.

    1. I know the smell is definitely 'unique' eh?! :)

      You don't need both at the same time. Use the P50 when you're not using LG.Serum-wise Ole Henriksen has a swrum called 'truth serum collagen booster' available online and in Harvey Nics - lovely smell (orange in case you don't like) and feels lovely on the skin. Good rehydrator.

      You could use Darphin Intral toner in the mornings

  4. hi Caroline, just a general question: why does sunscreen flake on the skin? I use a physical one from institut esthederm (the packaging is a pain in the butt btw, impossible to squeeze anything out) but I'm thinking I might try a chemical one just to avoid rubbing the stuff into my face for ages. I went to try the Chantecaille one but it's ridiculously expensive! What would be some good alternatives, since the Kate Somerville is out of stock at the moment?

    1. also I have combination skin -- oilier on t-zones and dryer on cheeks.

    2. You could try Alpha-H Essential daily SPF 50. Then you wouldn't need any separate spf? v affordable

  5. Hello! So love this Thursday clinic...

    Question about cleansing oils: have tried a sample of rmk cleansing oil...loved it. Now thinking of trying balm balm coconut oil cleanser (just for makeup remover/initial cleanse) what are your thoughts? Are there any others you could recommend that are maybe not as ££ as rmk?

    Am 25, Have oily skin, visible pores, some blemishes.

    Thankyou!! xx

    1. I haven't tried it but it looks nice and certainly won't have any mineral oil etc - so crack on!

    2. Thankyou :-) will give it a go and see xx

  6. Hello! Any suggestions in treatment and moisturizers to deal with the dreaded "neck rings"? I have very sensitive skin so cannot use anything that has any chemical software, synthetic fragrance and propylene glycol.

    Am early 40s with sensitive and combination skin.

    Thank you in advance!

    1. I meant chemical sunscreen not "software". Love/hate auto-correct. :(

      I wanted to add that I am Asian descent and have fairly good skin, but dealing with hyperpigmentation issues since it took me almost forever to find sunblock that I did not react to.

      Thank you again!

    2. What are you using on your face?

      You should always include your neck and decollete when applying product - go all the way down. Are the neck rings pigmentation?

    3. I am mixed race, use Ultrasun

  7. Morning Caroline

    My 16 year old Son has facial acne, not dreadful but he is halfway through a three month course of Tetralysal.What cleanser would you recommend he use?.I bought Environ B-active Sebuwash before I realised it was a foaming cleanser which I seem to recall you advise to steer clear of. All recommendations appreciated. PS I have followed your advice for my own skin and it is glowing!! particularly since the omega fish oils have kicked in and my rosecea has definitely diminished.

    Many many thanks.

    1. Well firstly your son needs to get on the fish oils as quick as possible. In teens especially the inflammation of the acne is exacerbated by stress, hormones etc and the fish oils will help calm the skin down. If he takes 3000mg a day - basically one before every meal - he won't burp fish! :)
      I would try him on Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser. And what moisturiser is he using?

    2. Oh and sugar. TRY and wean him down on sugar. Increases the inflammation and just really bad all round.

    3. Many thanks for the reply.I'll start him on the fish oils and attempt to cut down him down on the sugar intake which mainly comes from Coco Pops and choc digestives! He doesn't moisturise at all by the way.

  8. Ha ha! I remembered this time!!

    My skin is dehydrated and veers towards dry anyway but I do still get the occasional spot and have a clutch of whiteheads on my chin I cannot get rid of for love nor money.

    I have days when I will cleanse with a balm cleanser (not your EH but the other EH, elemental herbology), remove with a muslin cloth and warm water (rinsed under a running tap) then apply a facial oil and moisturiser, normally decleor's nutridivine cream and yet my skin will still feel tight. I can feel the moisturiser on it but it still feels pretty tight over my cheek bones and it's a bit on the dull side :-(

    Is there something else I should be using? I try and use the elemental herbology facial glow exfoliator (it's an AHA one rather than a scrubby one) and then a moisture mask once a week.

    Any advice will be gratefully received!!

    Thanks very much xxx

    1. If its still tight after the moisturiser then its the wrong moisturiser. Go with something more hydrating.I'm not sure how old you are but for hydration we're all pretty much the same!! If you like Decleor move over to their Hydra Floral range instead. What facial oil are you using? And up the mask to 2 x week. What mask is it?

    2. I used to use the hydra floral moisturiser and it left me even tighter than this one! I use the decleor moisture mask or the elemental herbology facial souffle which is an overnight one.
      The facial oil is the Pai rosehip one.

      Thanks very much!

  9. Hi sweetie. You recommended Kate S to me as a moisturiser but it's way out of my budget. Anything from REN or Dr Murad instead? Also re Alpha H Gold range which product do I start with? Thank you so much. I've stopped all my mineral oil and lanolin products xx

    1. Aesop is on sale now - and good job on al the rest! :)

      What about Ren's Hydra Calm range? For redness and sensitivity? They also do a Ultra Moisture Cleansing Milk which may be nice for you.

      And they SAMPLE!!! SCORE!

      As long as its not Man U scoring ;)

  10. Also a ps as I forgot to add to my previous post: when is the new Aesop spot treatment going to be available? As per your instructions I've switched to a clay mask :-)

  11. Hi. Do you know if there are two different formulations or products for Alpha H Liquid Gold?
    I had a sample which was AMAZING. Silky, removed horrid pores, glow, no flaking the next day. Title on product was "Liquid Gold with Glycolic Acid. Revita and Firming Solution."

    I eagerly ordered a full size, but the results just aren't half as good. The title on this product was different. "Liquid God with Glycolic Acid. A multiaction formula with silk proteins and licorice extract to fine and firm the skin"
    Makes me flake, doesn't feel silky, etc. Reminds me more of a Clinique toner.

    Old and new formulations, maybe? Typical of me if I like the old one! I tried to find a customer service email address for Alpha-H but no luck, just an Australian phone number. If you have a contact, perhaps you could let me have this. thank you.

  12. Hi Caroline. I took your advice( in one if your very first clinics) and have started to cleanse daily without fail. I've been using Boots botanics cleansing balm using a flannel, Simple alcohol free toner followed by Neals Yard's daily hydrating moisturiser.
    The routine has considerably unplugged ny large pores and made a difference to my blackheads. But now I'm breaking out very often. Whereas before it was just once/twice a month. My skin has gone bumpy too. I flannel twice ringing in fresh hot water everytime so I'm not leaving behind any balm. Hasn't made any difference. Am I doing something wrong?
    I'm 33 and have combination skin. Been on this routine for 4 weeks

    1. You would normally have settle down after 4 weeks - the moisturiser is innocuous enough - I suspect the simple toner and the boots balm may be to blame. Not everyone can use the same thing.

      I would suggest changing one thing at a time for at least a week - because although technically your skin could still be 'purging' it should be calming down around now.

      I would buy the Caudalie Beauty Elixir and use it sprayed neat on to the areas. The small one is £11.00.

      And cleanser maybe Balm balm's coconut milk or Pai Camelia and Rose?

      Keep me posted. Also - Balm Balm also make a Tea tree balm that you can apply neat to those spots every night to try and shift them quicker. its only about £7.

    2. Thanks so much. Will try these

  13. Hello, just a quick one for you.

    I'm 19 years old and am trying to recover from a disliking to the Cleanse and Polish. I've been left with spots that don't have full heads, just little red dots (not even raised) on my cheeks that are taking forever to go!

    Just wondering if there was some kind of serum or cream that might help them?

    Thanks, Hannah.

    1. Well firstly, step the hell away from the C&P! :) It could be something like the camphor that has irritated you.
      I don't know what you already have but assume your budget is not huge being 19 :)

      My preference would be Darphin Purifying or Neals yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm - but they are both £30+
      Otherwise Balm Balm again - try their site - the tea tree one is £7

    2. And!
      Keep them hydrated - don't put alcohol near your face and are you using mineral makeup? If so - may want to stop.

  14. Hello

    I'm 20 years old and have combination oily skin, sensitive and acne prone. Since I'm using a new cleanser ( La Roche posay Effaclar purifying foaming gel) my skin is getting much better in terms of break outs and shine. My biggest issue now are my very large pores and blackheads all over my nose and sides, most of my chin and forehead. Especially the blackheads are very bad on my forehead. I'm using a light hydrating moisturizer (simple) since that's the only one in years that doesn't break me out.

    I'm very grateful for your help on product recommendations or general tips.

    1. The Simple has gots to go! :)

      Sorry :( I know you said it doesn't break you out but blackheads are still breakouts.

      Can you afford the Caudalie Beauty Elixir? The small one is £7.

      Pai make a moisturiser called Geranium and Thistle - check it out.

      Stay away from the Simple - I don't know which one you are using but i guarantee it has either a large quantity of propylene glycol or dimethicone in it. Both fine on some skins - but not for you.
      Keep me posted?

    2. Thanks so much. Yes my budget isn't too small...I will definitely try out your suggestions. And the simple one will go for sure!
      I'll let you know how my skin is doing once they got used to the new products.
      Thanks so much again!

  15. Hello Caroline,

    What would you recommend for keratosis pilaris. I'm currently using the La Roche Posay Iso Urea Lotion, and although it's easier to wear than the Eucerin Urea Lotion, I still find it leaves my skin feeling a little sticky and tacky. Plus, I'm not sure that it's actually helping the problem much either!

    Also I'd love to know which face masks you use and would recommend for different skin types. Thank you.

    1. I know it seems random and for a little while expensive but I would use a normal body lotion by garnier etc (much under-rated! - Body Repair - the red one - is one of my top 3 body lotions) and in the evenings apply Alpha-H Liquid Gold ALL OVER THE ARMS - I assume its your arms? The glycolic will sort it out. Honest. And its not THAT £££.

  16. Headstaggers8yka15 March 2012 at 13:35

    Hooray! I have finally remembered to post my question...and on the right day! And it is this...I am 38 years old. A mother of one. I spend A LOT of money on Skincare (currently Emma Hardie Cleanser, Clarisonic a couple of days a week, Sarah Chapman everything else. Plus I have just ordered BR P50 based on your recommendation.). I have hormonal breakouts which i am adressing as well as a bit of ezcema around my nose. So when I have my skin all clean, plump and moisturised what make up should I use. Now I know you are a skincare guru buut I thought if whatever you are using is good enough for you...then it will be good enough for me. I know you tell us all to steer clear of mineral oil but Foundations must be full of it!! i currently use Shu Uemura (the new one) or Chantecaille Future Skin which I think is Oil Free. I don't really 'get on' with Mineral Make Up.

    Any thoughts/feelings on Make Up????

    Love your blog btw :)

    1. Headstaggers8yka15 March 2012 at 20:24

      Oops...I forgot to mention that I am currently using FPJ's Formula 2006. But I am planning to replace it with the P50. Can't wait for your reply...but I also love reading the other post as I have learnt a lot!

    2. God its like talking to myself!
      When your Future Skin runs out - move over to Just Skin. I haven't gone back to Future Skin since it launched!
      I can't use most mineral makeup either - you're not alone.
      Chantecaille Just Skin. What dreams were made of.
      And make sure you keep those cystic spots moisturised beyond all recognition. When I get those - always in my hair on my scalp, in my hairline and under my chin(gross),I moisturise them TO DEATH. Normal dose during the day for MU purposes then go to town in the evenings. They go own twice as fast. Promise.

  17. Did you once write about a salon (facials) that was based in Camden, north London? thanks.

    1. Fern Skin Clinic.

      Highly Recommend.

    2. Also worth mentioning that a few doors up from the Fern Skin Clinic is Jenny Jordan, a highly respected make up artist with many years in the business. She is amazing at eyebrow shaping - it's not cheap: £50 for 45 minutes but her attention to detail is phenomenal. She did an eyebrow feature in InStyle magazine a few months ago. I always feel fantastic and more pretty after I've had my brows done with Jenny. She does excellent make up lessons too. Gwyneth Paltrow is a client - I was in the shop once when she was in there (I'm not sure what she was having done though!).

  18. SOS calling!!
    Hello, I'm new to your blog and i LOVE it, but i need your help PLLLEEAAASSSSEEEEE
    I am(whispers)36 and have recently noticed my skin looks really lined and not as fresh as i once was...doesnt help that in my head i think i'm still 24....
    Anyway my routine is mostly decleor. Cleanse with either creame mouse hydra-eclat or cleasning cream for face and eyes, always with a cloth. Eyes i use either liz earle superskin for eyes or decleor expression de l'age and moisterise with decleor hydra floral or harmonie cream. Also always include a declor oil into my routine.
    I am concerned that i have a lot of lines appearing around my eyes, from nose to mouth and those horrible little frown lines are deep. Plus i have bags and dark circle.....basically I am a mess and need your help.
    I want to look young and sexy with a spring in my step as apposed to grey, wrinkley and apologetic LOL.
    I have learnt so much from you and you have changed me. I have got freeby samples from Clairns and I am not using them because of (scared face) mineral oil....OMG! Oh how i've changed! The slightest hint and a high end product would make me wet myself with excitement - not now. Thank you for that alone!

    Have been reading about Avene but saw mineral oil in ingredients so have backed off.

    I know you get bombarded with Qs but would really really appreciate your help and advice.

    Thank you - you are my new hero! No pressure.

    Take care

    Cas xx

    1. You need my routine. When your products start to run out - replace them one by one:

      The best products for 'glow' are Emma Hardie or Suti or Monu or Vaishaly cleansers - balm basically, a bloody good massage - every night - a flannel - sod the muslin cloth. Not enough grip for my liking.
      Toner - Caudalie Elixir or Pai Rosemary toner.
      Alpha-H Liquid Gold 2 x week at night
      Facial oils underneath hydrating moisturisers other nights.
      Liz earle superskin is not for your eyes. Step away.
      Do you smoke?
      Cut down alcohol if you drink - and only drink red wine.
      let me know your thoughts!

    2. Hi. Thank you for reply. No don't smoke and am a big red wine fan. Will up water in take too.
      Your routine sounds good. I will stock up....over time.
      I recently discovered coconut oil. Twice have used as a second cleanse with cloth. Is this a good idea? Also have tried Emma Hardie but my chin became really congested so went back to old routine and found my skin went really dry. But I love Emma and her philosophy and want it to work. Should I persevere?
      Could you please recommend a moisturiser or brand I should try? Would Neal Yard suit? Also am outside a lot so need a decent SPF.

      Thank you so much


    3. Sorry forgot to ask. What eye cream should I use? Thanks

  19. can you recommend a face mask,just turned 40 and skin has gone beserk.spots,slightly blotchy, slightly itchy.Been using nuxe marveillence morn and elemis pro collagen cream and cleanser night.

    1. Clarins Pure and Radiant mask. Lovely.

      What cleanser?

    2. hello caroline, thanks for replying. it's the elemis pro-radiance cleanser. could these products cause my skin to have sensitve patches around cheeks and eyelids.

  20. Hello there! Please help! I went for a eyebrow/lip threading for the first time and now I have a horrible, blistery, painful rash around my mouth. Its hideous. What can I use to soothe this and why did it happen? I was trying out threading because I have sensitive, dry skin and had heard this was a good alternative to waxing!
    Thanks ps love your blog!

    1. As an emergency I would go into the cupboards in the kitchen and grab whatever oils you have - olive? Rub it in gently.
      no more threading for you m'lady!

      You need a nice innocuous balm - again try out Balm Balm's site.
      And honey if you've got a 'tache - shave it. ;)

  21. Hi Caroline! I love these clinic posts, I find them really interesting.

    I have 2 questions. First is prompted by school. I'm a teacher and at the moment we're doing a project counting how many units of water we use. I feel mega guilt about leaving my tap running waiting till it gets warm. Is there a massive difference using cold water to wash your face in?

    Also, I'm interested in investing in a Clarisonic. I have a lot of redness on my cheeks, an oily t-zone and horrible whiteheads at the time of the month. I use liquid gold twice a week. Is there such a thing as too much exfoliation? Would the Clarisonic make my skin worse?

    I use Clinique cleansing balm, Alpha H balancing cleanser, Origins zero oil toner and Liz Earle moisturiser for combination/oily skin. And like I said liquid gold twice a week. I wear SPF daily as well!

    Thanks so much!


    1. Firstly: water - GOD YES. Warm water makes everything work, expands your pores (temporarily) to take in product, melts product etc... no cold water please. Flush less if you have guilt, Put your face first. ;)
      Now Clarisonic I have an issue tbh. I KNOW the western hemisphere is obsessed but i gave mine away - it absolutely made my acne flare up.
      yes there is a thing such as too much exfoliation - absolutely.

      I suspect your problem may be in cleansing or moisturiser. Are you double cleansing on nights you use SPF?
      And the Liz Earle may be too heavy? Thoughts?

    2. I double cleanse with the clinique balm and then the Alpha H Balancing cleanser. And possibly, I'm not loving the Liz Earle so I won't purchase it again. I've yet to find my favourite moisturiser.

      Thanks so much for you advice! I'll put the Clarisonic lustings on hold for a while.

  22. I hope this message finds you in good spirits!

    I am turning 21 this month, and I was wondering if I should start using eye cream on a regular basis? If so, do you have any recommendations? My under eye is a bit dry and I do suffer from dark circles (I also have some fine lines there where my concealer tends to pile up)

    Thank you so much! I truly appreciate what you are doing!

    1. Congratulations and YES.

      No need to go mad. Start with something light - even a REN one for example.
      And no mineral oil on your eyes - EVER.

      EVER!!!! DO YOU HEAR ME? Pinkie Promise?

    2. Ah yes I have already read your posts with mineral oil, and I shall never go near, pink promise! =D

      I love your blog! Thank you so much! I will look up this REN stuff! =)

      Thanks again!

  23. I sent an email last week with some pictures and questions. I wonder if you got it and if I should expect a reply? Im the girl that has spots and uses dr. Weil, if that helps. Thankyou x

    1. ooh I'm sorry will take a look!

    2. Thank you! Don't forget me please x

  24. I was wondering if you had more information about tinted moisturizers. I have oily skin but I would like a tinted moisturizer that will stay on my skin fairly well. I realize that I might have to reapply because of the oiliness. This question was sparked mostly because of the BB cream explosion that is going on. I keep seeing reviews that say that bb creams might not be great for my skin. I am hoping that there is a tinted moisturizer or BB cream that will work with my skin.

    1. have you tried Laura Mercier or Nars new tinted moisturisers?

      I'm not on the BB bandwagon I'm afraid. For lazy people who don't care about their skin. SORRY PEOPLE! :)

      if you tell me about your current routine I can help further.

  25. Hi Caroline,
    I have a small patch of localised redness/sensitivity on one side of my nose that, when inflamed, feels almost like sunburn. Despite my best efforts I have not been able to work out which products aggravate it, especially as there is no other sensitivity anywhere else on my face! I avoid mineral oil, essential oils and any harsh exfoliation as much as possible. Sometimes it is not there, and the next day, without doing anything differently it is back. Do you have any ideas as to what may be causing it and more importantly what I could try to help it? Thank you

    1. Probably eczema? Flare ups can be caused by stress and food and heat get the picture.

      Keep a really good balm nearby that is pretty dull. Ie non-mineral oil, non-fragranced... again back to balm balm site?

  26. Hi Caroline - thank you so much for the sunscreen recommendations last week, I'm going to try the Kate Somerville next week, I'm in the US so I can get my hands on it easily. I already use her Goat Milk cream, so I'm looking forward to trying the SPF!

    I was wondering if there's a reason my (relatively) good skin tends to get congested, deep, small cysts/blocked pores only in the area between my eyebrows - I never really had this before, and I wonder why it's concentrated only in that area now, and what might be the cause?

    Thank you!

    1. That area is your liver. You tell me. has your diet changed? Alcohol consumption? Have you been tested for lactose intolerance?
      Let me know and we can discuss further!

  27. Hi Caroline. As recommended, I bought the Pai Geranium moisturiser as well as the rosehip oil - I have oily combination acne prone skin and wanted a boost (currently using EH balm and Liquid Gold). I have been using them for two days and am breaking out in spots along my jaw line. How long do you recommend using products for in order for your skin to adjust and settle etc? Is it too soon to throw in the towel?

    1. God yes its too soon!

      Drop the rosehip for now and let your skin adjust. If you do need it in dry areas leave it away from the chin.
      And make sure your cleanse and subsequent rinsing is top notch.
      make sure you go over the area with the Liquid Gold really well.

      Can you report back next week? :)

  28. Hey there !

    i just wanted to say thanks for giving such great advice, I discovered Biologique Recherche thanks to you and I can't thank you enough, I'm 24 and I've had light acne since 2 years. I was prescribed benzoyl peroxyde but my skin couldn't bear even the tiniest amount. I went to BR (I live in Paris) and got the Lotion P50, and along with the Creme Dermopurifiante (i was given samples of that one) these products cleared up my skin in 2 days !! you're my savior !!
    Take care xxx

  29. Hi Caroline, this is a follow question to last week. I'm the PITA who caused you so much grief over Clinique's balm cleanser. I did clarify my routine after your reply, and I've added it to the end of this comment. You weren't sure if the Lauder skincare (ANR alternated every 12 weeks with CP) I was using was suitable for me, so I'm looking for some recs please. There is no doubt I have oily skin, so I'm looking for something which will help with anti ageing as I'm a glam 45 who wants to keep what youthfulness I have left, but doesn't exacerbate the oilies.

    Thanks so much :)

    Here's my response to your reply from last week.
    PM I don't double cleanse per se, it's just that the Mac cleanse off oil gets rid of my eye make up very easily, whereas I have to really work with the Clinique balm to shift Urban decay liner, I didn't like how the Mac feels on the rest of my face, but enjoy the massage and removal of the Clinique balm with a flannel - hence 2 products.(And I want to finish up the MAC oil)
    I am very naughty and don't regularly moisturise, so I only use the moisture surge if I get the (very occasional) dry patch, it was my preferred choice because when I first tried it from a GWP I liked that it didn't leave me feeling greasy afterwards. The diligent moisturising for a couple of weeks was to see if my skin was producing excess oil because it felt it needed it. I work in a customer services environment and spend a fair bit of the day talking, so I can drink 2-3 Litres of water a day - so didn't think I was dehydrating my skin from the inside.

    Current products in use.
    What are your thoughts on my morning Aveda routine and what can this lass of 45 be trying instead of the EL I currently use?

    As I said before I really appreciate you taking the time to reply to all our queries on skincare. It is refreshing that your product recs aren't coming from a single brand sales target , but are more about what is most suitable for our needs and concerns. You're a star!

    1. Ok not moisturising every day is a no-no. If the moisture surge is too much then you need to just take it down a step is all.

      I remember now - it was a bit all over the place wasn't it?

      I think you could start with some decent night-time care.

      If you're greasy let's start with that. Try Caudalie elixir as a spray toner and Alpha-H Liquid Gold as a night-time treatment 2 x week. On the other days have you ever tried facial oils for combination skins? the products that you were using were silicone heavy - not good for you.

      Lots of brands do oils for oily/combination. Thoughts?

    2. Hi Caroline,

      I promise to start daily moisturising with something lighter - pinkie swear:)

      Couldn't get a hold of liquid gold from QVC on it's own so ordered a try me Alpha H kit from QVC to get hold it. I have a sample of the Balance me radiance facial oil from a beauty box , so will slot that into my new routine and will purchase the Caudalie as soon as my Aveda Kinetics toner is gone (which will be soon) and report back in a few weeks... Thanks again!!!

  30. Hiya

    I asked a question a few weeks ago and you kindly gave me some help. Ever since I've been using Emma Hardie balm followed by Liquid gold and my skin is SOOOOOOOOO much better! Putting my makeup on in the morning is such a pleasure now, thank you so much! I turn 40 in a few months and having nice skin is going to really help haha. I haven't been able to afford an oil yet so I've been using an occasional drop or either argan oil or coconut oil, but will splash out on Clarins Lotus as soon as I can. Thank you again... you, as I believe they say, rock! :)

    1. Ah thank you so much!

      And I'm thrilled for you - I really am.


  31. Ooh very interesting - I am pretty run ragged lately, I've lost a bit of weight (unintentionally), though I don't drink much and eat quite healthy....

    I am always very anemic - I wonder if that makes a difference? I do eat probably way too much dairy - I'm vegetarian but eat a lot of cheese and lots of milk in my coffee - but always organic/horomone free.

    Oh well - it sounds like maybe I just need to take care of myself a bit more - not the worst news a girl can get:) Thank you so much, this was really helpful!

    xo Clare

  32. Hello sweetie
    I think now I am on the waiting list :( -lol-.
    Idont know how things work here but shall I resend you my email when you reopen the clinic next thursday .
    Best regards,


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