Jo Malone Bath Oil – an Apology!

I was out scouting for a pressie earlier this month for my girlfriend that I KNOW is obsessed with the above. I didn’t want to enable her as traditionally (in the old days) this was mineral oil based and I didn’t want her channelling the BP disaster when she was trying to bathe. Grim. Vile. *shivers, moves on*


I reluctantly picked up the bottle – I habitually spin to the ingredients label – I don’t read the selling blimph on the front..and low and behold:

the main ingredient is…


*CHEERS* Jo Malone. Congrats. Job well done. *adds back to list of possible presents*

P.S. – you’d never KNOW it wasn’t mineral oil as Jo Malone don’t list their full ingredients on their site – so technically, my ignorance was not my fault…. 🙂

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