Friday, 23 March 2012

Things I'm Loving..... Ila Body Scrub for Energizing and Detoxifying

I've been sitting on this gorgeous scrub meaning to write about it for what seems like the longest time. It may not be new but it certainly is lush - and well worth checking out if you're a scrub-lover.

Easy to see why it's so good - after Himalayan Salt, the next two ingredients are Argan Oil and Juniper. And the Juniper packs the fragrance punch. I am admittedly, a little obsessed with all things Juniper, Eucalyptus and Rosemary when it comes to bathing - I could never sit in a bath of girlie flowers. I need de-stressing, aching muscle relief and hydration. And with this scrub: job done.

As a sideline - Ila also retail from their own website and list all their ingredients (!!!!!) - so I've added them to the Where To Shop page.

The scrub is £44.00 - on the expensive side - but if it's more than you would spend on yourself, bear it in mind for a gift as the packaging, as well as the product, is to die for (the picture does it no justice - my new camera is on its way!).

AND - I see that they do treatments in Gielly Green - my current salon obsession in Marylebone.

Nice work.

*PR Sample

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  1. sounds gorgeous. I love ila face oil for glowing radiance smells divine x


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