Wednesday, 2 May 2012

EF MEDISPA launch Biologique Recherche

Well thank the Sweet Baby Jesus for THAT. 

FINALLY. Someone has had the good sense to get BR into the UK!!!

I can exclusively reveal that EF Medispa in St Johns Wood is now stocking Biologique Recherché AND doing their facials. *faints*

What I don't know as of yet is if they will be stocking P50V - which is my preferred version and which the BORE-Ocrats in the EU had issues with - the crusty faced swines.

Needless to say I will be checking it out as soon as I possibly can and reporting back straight away, but let me just say this - yours truly couldn't be more excited if it involved Liverpool winning on Saturday, Simon Le Bon waiting on my doorstep and the Barefoot Contessa making me dinner.

*If you don't follow me on twitter that last sentence will make absolutely no sense to you. WHATSOEVER. Apologies.


  1. I booked a consultation with them today! I emailed HQ in Paris and they told me ES medispa do BR facials! Thats great news for me as I was gonna ask you where I can cop a bottle of p50 in the UK *smug face*

  2. I can't believe BR hasn't been available in the UK!! I'm a longtime BR fan! I believe in their philosphy and it's worked for me! Get compliments on my skin all of the time, no wrinkles! no dark circles, good texture and elasticity and I'm 60. So I urge you all to go!

  3. Two words. Beyond. Excited!

  4. I'm a huge BR fan. You need to find an experienced BR beautician who knows her stuff because Biologique Recherche is a complex line. I had gotten a P50 once in Spain and later in Paris but lately I've also been ordering from (amazing customer service even on a sunday but do email her first to make sure you're ordering the right product).
    There seems to be a difference in the formula because the one I got from Toska in the states feels like it's working better. Maybe it's just me but I can definitely feel a difference. She asked me to describe my skin and was able to do an online consult. I've been using lait vip 02 cleanser, colostrum serum, creme dermopurifiante and fluid vip02 finishing serum. Couple of times a week I use the masque vivant. I used to have major issues with my skin. Now I get compliments! Martha

    1. Hi Martha, I was wondering if you have bought anymore P50 from Toska spa recently..? I tried contacting them but the email bounced back!

    2. What's the price of it in States and if you have any idea where to buy it in NY or NJ? Thank you!

  5. This does sound like a hero product. Is the P50V available afterall? How much is it?

  6. It is available. It cost £45 is not the Original 1970 formula. I called them and they said they do not carry the original. I knew there was something wrong as soon as i applied it the first couple of times. For all of us who are fans of P50 you know you have the right thing as soon as you smell it.
    Ordered several bottles from At £45 it was cheaper and i got the real thing. Forever grateful for this blog!


  7. After reading how much you rave about P50, I tried the Biologique Recherche facial at the 4 seasons hotel in Hong Kong. And I bought the P50 lotion at their spa boutique today. The facilist there was very knowledgeable and customized the facial plan after studying my cleaned face and asked about my routine, and I swore my face was slimmer immediately after she massaged the right side of my face (compared to left side). I heard this hotel incorporate this BR facial and had the physician founder behind the brand to train all their facialists. I feel so lucky I live so close to it. Gonna start P50 tomorrow, very hopeful!

  8. I like your comment but the Subsequent to perusing the amount you rave about P50, I attempted the Biologique Recherche facial at the 4 seasons inn in Hong Kong. vaser high definition liposuction,Vaser Liposuction, Liposculpting dubai, Vaser In Dubai Cleaned confront and got some information about my scheduleI live so near it. Going to begin P50 tomorrow, extremely confident!


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