Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Neal's Yard launch Bee Lovely

Earlier today I went along to the launch of Neal's Yard Bee Lovely range in Covent Garden. Brought back by popular demand and extended from the original Hand Cream, the range highlights the decline of bees and is donating 5% of sales to charities that support awareness of the worrying disappearance of our very necessary pollinators (That just sounds rude - sorry - I need to step away from 50 Shades).

That would be Neal the Bee.

The new range comes with an additional Busy Bee Balm, Bath & Shower Gel, Hand Wash and Body Lotion.

As someone with a husband obsessed with bees - and with a window box containing 'bee attracting' flowers, I have long since stopped shouting 'THOSE BASTARD BEES' and slapping them towards the window - and embraced them wholeheartedly.

Please do the same.

As the sign says:


Everything you need to know can be found here. Prices start at £6.50.


  1. What a pretty setting for a launch. Bee lovely to try this bahahaha

    Bee lover x

  2. Im all about the bees too in our garden, we used to have bees nest each yr until we moved the shed they never returned unfortunately but Ive tons of flowers, roses act to encourage the fluffy little things back :)
    What a great range and I hope it helps :)

    you were right Hirons too... Bells Palsy subsiding slowly.. can nearly blink in my horror film starey eye lol


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