Thursday, 15 November 2012

Give and Makeup's Shoebox Campaign 2012

Hi Everyone.

I can't believe it's that time of year again. But it is. I KNOW how many of you are obsessive about shoes. I read your blogs and tweets people!

All we're asking is that you keep the box, fill it with stuff for the children - and send it to us. 

I promise you - the difference you will make is not measurable in words. 

And a note to my fellow bloggers, PR's and brands. I will happily collect them from you at events. Happily.

Thank you - you gorgeous, giving, generous people!!!!! 


  1. I do this with my local church every year and it does such amazing work. The excitement on the kids faces over pairs of gloves and a small toy makes you feel so guilty for ever complaining. I made the mistake of telling my youth club (ages 5-10) about the kids that receive it though, explaining to kids why Santa doesn't come to them is no easy task I can tell you haha I think they maybe believed my explanation haha

  2. For all the help you have given on this blog, I think a box or two is the least I can do. I'm actually really looking forward to putting them together with my children - a little reminder of just how lucky we are.

  3. We used to do Harvest for the Hungry at school, and I haven't done it since I left. Will definitely be taking part. Also, I currently have 2 shoe boxes of makeup and skincare I've been meaning to.sell but haven't, would G&M like that too?

    Steph xx

  4. Have sent this to all my friends and acquaintances and will get collecting STAT!!

  5. And any North-West folks can easily drop them off to me at BeautyBay HQ!

  6. This is such a great idea; i was already wanting to do something nice for someone else this xmas and when i opened the blog found it! quick question: do you want the gifts wrapped? or just put inside the box for you to open and see? also, can i send some make-up/beauty goodies for the moms? i have a few things almost untouched (foundations that never matched my skin, blushers, etc) x

  7. Thanks for reminding us about this Caroline. I'm going to try to look up what I can do to help my local women's shelter stateside.

  8. This is such a lovely idea Caroline. I will let all my friends know! xx


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