Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Backstage with Emma Hardie

Just a quickie from last night's TSV launch. The perfect caught off-guard moment from Emma as she was getting felt miked up. 

I've worked with/met a lot of women in this industry. Some amazing, some horrors. 

Emma is very much the former. 


  1. Just buying her cleansing balm for myself on behalf of my OH :-D x

  2. Ha, had to laugh at Jade's comment - I have done exactly the same only it is the TSV which is from the OH, he has only just cottoned on to the fact that cleansing and moisturising stops his skin feeling a bit tight and flaky so would I trust him to go off piste and buy me a present?

  3. Do you think this is suitable for sensitive skin???

  4. As you were with those hands, at least she's enjoying it I think?

  5. Will you pass a little folded piece of paper to the lovely Emma Hardie that says "Canada called...they want it all!!!"

  6. There are too many good things in this photo to mention....

  7. The said balm with the longest title in the world is on sale on What other Emma Hardie products would you say are a must have? Im in the mood for some skin shopping :)


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