Thought for the Day. Things I wish we could all move on from. Part One.

Enough already:

  • Middleton and Kardashian pregnancies. I’m very happy for them and wish them both the best – but I have been pregnant – in total – for 3.5 years of my life. I don’t need/want their look.
  • Sudocrem on spots. Arse. Literally.
  • Argan Oil – Yes it’s wonderful but it doesn’t have to be in everything – and please stop calling it groundbreaking.
  • Painting your ring finger differently from the others. A trend not started by someone with OCD. Clearly. 
  • The word ‘trend‘. Forever.
  • Aapri Face Scrubs. I am still asked if they are ‘ok to use’. Yes, on the sole of an elephant’s foot.
  • The term ‘squeaky clean‘. Nothing on your body should squeak. You are not a rodent.


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