Thursday, 14 February 2013

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare

Just a quick word about this new range from Claire Vero and her team. Whilst I'm still trialing this new range - the favourite of which is (so far) the Cell Repair Night Oil - have a look at their website.

Their story, their team - and hold me down, their full ingredient listing on every product.

I expect great things.

*pr sample


  1. I actually was hoping to ask you about a recommended cleanser for sensitive skin and maybe something organic, these products sound just what I need, wish they did a trial pack - I may have to ask them! Thanks as always, you're a star :)

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  3. I came across this brand after a round about stroll through the internet as one does and I was rather intrigued. Will be interested to hear your thoughts - I need a new skincare brand like a hole in the head but there again the quest for the best would be a bore if it was over too quickly and the research for me is part of the fun. Thanks C. xx

  4. FUN FACT: Aurelia is a type of jellyfish. This stuff sounds good but I have to admit to doing a total double take at the name. Here it is:

  5. Their products contain Cetearyl alcohol and Benzyl alcohol. Is alcohol safe in skincare products?

  6. I have ordered the day and night cream as wel as the cleanser. Wanted to try the serum too but this was already quite expensive in one go (I live in euroland) and I still have tons of PAI rosehip oil which I also love and adore. I shall report back on my findings, hope it will work for my sensitive dry skin with rosacea.


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