elemental herbology Purify & Soothe Facial Cleansing Balm – Review

Continuing recent cleanser reviews – I’ve been using this off and on in recent weeks. 

The jury is
out to be honest. It’s a perfectly lovely balm, very thick and hard to squeeze
out of the tube – although to be honest, it’s extremely cold at the moment
added to which my bathroom is in the basement and when the heating if off,
possibly the coldest room in the house – enough to make any balm like rock.

It’s aimed
at ‘mature’ skin – there we go again with the mature word – and contains
various extracts of…:

Lipactive Inca Inchi® WO, containing the richest natural source of Omega 3 and
6 in any plant oil improves hydration, leaving skin feeling softer and more
Fresh Cells™ Strawberry rich in minerals helps to gently cleanse and purify
the skin.

Biovera Oil and Marshmallow Extract are ideal for sensitive skin and help to
soothe and soften.
Cocoa Butter moisturises and nourishes.
Bitter Orange Peel helps to gently stimulate cell turnover to brighten the

Argan and Sesame Oils nourish the skin with Essential Fatty Acids and improve
its barrier function, helping to protect against wind, cold and dry air.
Chamomile Essential Oil helps to soothe sensitive skin.

has been lifted directly from the elemental website – which surprisingly to me
from this brand, does not list their ingredients in their entirety. Come
on guys, sort it out.


use this as a second cleanse or as a quick cleanse in the morning – I wouldn’t
use it for makeup removal. Well, maybe in the summer when
the formulation softens?

something for me, is missing. It’s good. It’s not great. It’s not £28.00 for
75ml great.

not disappointed – I’m just not bowled over.

herbology is by and large – a good mid-priced range – and is available from www.elementalherbology.com  

actually think this was a gift, not a sample. Either way – sorry! 

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