Thursday, 25 April 2013

Sue Devitt is no more

I don't know how it passed me by but I found out today that Sue Devitt folded in February. Such a shame. Especially after Jemma Kidd also went under recently. If the small guys (girls) go - we're only left with the corporate big guns - and I don't know about you but that thought terrifies me.

There appears to still be Sue Devitt stock in the UK if you are a fan. But I'd get moving if I were you.

Let's hope she comes back bigger and better.


  1. look fantastic has quite a lot still. This is such a shame though, we need to support the independents more :(

  2. I recently got a palette of her and the eyeshadows and blush are really good! I can't believe that it's no more now. But I think consumers such as myself do tend to look over the smaller more obscure brands that don't scream as loud as the other big brands!!

  3. For a long time I used her Eye Intensifier pencil in Surat, which is a unique (in eyeliner anyway) taupey/browny shade. I look ridiculous in black or dark brown eyeliner, so this was perfect to define my eyes - I must have gone through 12 or 13 of them. I have discovered layering eyeliners since (so dark brown as close to upper lashes as possible, then a lighter eyeliner on top) so haven't worn Surat for a while, but I think I'll need to get one before they all disappear.

  4. Very, very tough times & Becca in Dec last year. Such a shame.

  5. oh no, been longing to get some Jemma Kidd products *sob*, I wish I could get them shipped to Nigeria asap.


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