Monday, 8 April 2013

Well I wasn't away THAT long....

I was up and wearing a bra by Tuesday - promise. I was just slammed last week in work which has led to a bit of a change in thinking.

I've previously withheld from discussing too much about my work or clients on here for various reasons - usually not wanting to appear to have 'favourites' and also because I'm not backward in coming forward with my opinions (I know, I know).

But work, my clients and day-to-day shenanigans in the beauty industry are such a huge part of my life - a life that I love - that it now seems odd to not share that on here. I think the readership is such that you trust me to give my honest opinion - client or not. And I will always disclose.

In all honesty the only way I can keep this blog going is if I integrate it more with my day-to-day. No sob story here - it just is what it is.. There's a reason I haven't posted for 10 days - no time. I'm not a pro blogger. I'm a hobby blogger. My actual 'work' is more than full time.

I had clients visiting from overseas last week and was playing chaperone all over London and the South Coast.
That, coupled with a major change in strategy for another client and the launch of another... left little time for anything else other than family.

So: I'll plod on - BUT - I will be hitting up my contacts in the industry for insider info, interviews and giveaways. I may as well use my address book to my (and your) advantage eh?

Thank you for sticking with me. And thank you for the emails and tweets saying 'Where ARE you?'.

I'm here.


  1. As long as we get your opinions still, I don't think anyone will mind.

    BTW hydraluron and Alpha-H liquid gold have seriously improved the appearance of my skin. Thank you! I have had adult acne for over ten years, still struggling a bit (thankfully it isn't too severe and never really has been), but having a go at quitting diary for a while to see if that helps. Love your cheat sheets!


  2. Hello Caroline,
    I always feel slightly uncomfortable when people feel the need to explain/apologise for the content they put on their own blog. As far as I'm concerned as long as you keep blogging (actually, I enjoy the ranting most), I don't think it matters too much what you write about. But I would miss you and your blog if you stopped so do it! Keep writing!

    1. Ah thank you SO much Rebecca. I really appreciate it. x

  3. I fully agree with Rebecca in all points!

  4. Caroline, I discovered your blog a couple of months ago and have since then used p50 and Emma Hardie. My skin has changed since using this combo and I have you to thank. I don't think you should ever apologise, the way you advise on this blog and share your knowledge is a god send :)
    P.S About to try Zelens facial pads :)

    1. Thanks Anna. :)Let me know how you get on with the pads. x

  5. Happy that you ARE here! :-)

  6. Good to see you again. I found your blog a couple of months ago and now I'm almost stalking it. ;) I love your advice and most of all the rants. Agree with Rebecca in every point. There's no need to apologize, it is your blog and you're doing it well. :)

  7. I have come across your Twitter and Blog for the first time today and I have to tell you how disgraceful I find you and your opinions. In particular, your tweet - to quote:

    'Received an email with a chance to interview a 'skin guru'. A 'skin guru' that I trained.
    I. TRAINED. What does that make me please?'

    Embarrassing - utterly embarrassing. Rather than commend someone you supposedly 'trained' for their success, you rather point out what you've done in their career and ask what that makes you?

    So you, Caroline, Internationally Recognised Skin Care Obsessive - I would love to hear where you get the official qualification of skin care obsessive, and think you should take your affection toward yourself down a notch. You may become someone that has a much more listened to, and appreciated voice. And earn some grace and respect.

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      Wow. OK. Well if you'd been reading the blog/twitter for longer than one day you may have picked up that I am 99% of the time, very tongue-in-cheek and in all honesty, more self-deprecating than 'disgraceful'. If you read the followup tweets you will see that I was called a 'bugaboo' and 'Yoda' - people who get me/read the blog will know where I was coming from.

      It was more a reference to my age rather than my attempting to lord it over someone else. I always commend anyone who is good in their field, not just people who train for it - which I did by the way.

      And as my readers here will attest to I'm sure, I am listened to and appreciated. I would consider myself very respectful, of people, their training, their hard work and I am very grateful every day for the work I get to do and the people I am fortunate enough to meet through that work and this blog.

      I'm sorry you were offended by my tone and what I said - I assure you it was not meant in that fashion - and although I'm not entirely sure why one tweet would send you over the edge enough to leave such a passionate comment, I thank you for pointing out that that tweet is clearly capable of being completely misconstrued by anyone who doesn't actually know me or read the blog.

  8. Caroline you fascinate me and dear Lord for that anonymous not being able to pick up on a tongue in cheek remark.

    I wrote an entire 4 paragraphs trying to find the words, only ending up in 'Oh ffs let me just slap that anon'. You just do what you do best. This!

    If someone wants you to backtrack on something you said, they should do it with a face and name. Not hide behind some anonymous comment.. but they just love doing that don't they?

    In the end it's your blog and you do what you want.

    1. Thank you Philippe. Much appreciated. I do think regulars will know it's tongue-in-cheek. :)

  9. Oh dear...don't you find it amusing that people with such strong opinions are always 'anonymous'! That is 'utterly embarrassing' for the I'll informed and short sighted commenter. I suggest he/she sticks around and witnesses how helpful you really are...and how well respected. Keep on trucking...Nxx

  10. Sorry to post as an anonymous, but I've never commented on a post before but just had to make a quick comment.

    I love your blog and honest advice. You demonstrate that you can be an intelligent woman and interested in skincare/beauty (something many people seem to think is impossible). Ignore the troll - jealous of your success, much?

  11. Oh what a load of poppy cock that comment was, and was grace and dignity you showed in your response!
    So glad your back was having blog withdrawals.
    I was wondering when you would be able to respond to my email from a few months back, I know you are an EXTREMELY busy lady so by no means am I nagging. Just running low on items and was hoping from a shopping list from you before I repurchase things I may get a hand slap for.
    Thanks and best wishes

  12. Don't you just love Anonymous people. Not brave enough to spew their BS upfront.

    Anyway I love your blog and probiotics have been a complete gamechanger for me, I would never have considered trying them otherwise. Have also seen the difference your advice made for some ladies on GTL.

    Screw the haterz my fave thing about this is your no nonsense advice and that unlike many "beauty bloggers" you don't kiss arse and say it as it is.

  13. Just happy to have you blogging, Mrs H, whether it's about products, family, or bras. (But I was worried about you in your absence. Or at least about your boobage. How long can one woman hang free without feeling the consequences?! )

  14. hehehe glad I wasn't the only one on the verge of sending out a search party. Thanks for all your hard work, advice and insight. You're a superstar.

  15. Hehehehe glad I wasn't the only one considering sending out a search party! Thank you for all the hard work, advice and insight. You're a superstar.

  16. Hi Caroline, your blogs amazing, anon seriously needs to chill, don't be bullied by those who won't put a name to their comments. I'm 44 and in need of some advice, my skin care regime has lost it's way. I have a typically Irish complexion, fair, freckly, oily T zone with some spots and dryness. There is so much choice, in the past I have been fooled by the marketing, wasted ££££'s and remained in despair that my skin just doesn't work. Could you recommend a good range/selection of products to kick start my skin care? Cash isn't limitless but I'm happy to splurge if they come with your recommendation. Please keep blogging, Nyree x x x

  17. Hi Caroline, I've just discovered your blog, it's fantastic and so are you. Please don't stop and ignore those who aren't prepared to put their name against their comments. I need some advice, I'm 44 and my skin care routine has all but disappeared, I'm confused by the range of products available, what I should and how. I have a typically Irish complexion, fair, freckly, oily T zone, some spots with dryness. I have wasted ££££'s on products that just don't deliver on the marketing blurb. I am on a budget but am prepared to splash the cash for products that come with your tried and tested recommendations. Is it ok to buy one product at a time, build up my collection and then start using it? Any advice you can give would be greatly received. It's great to be busy but remember to take care of you. Nyree x x


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