Michael Kors Beauty #SportySexyGlam

Yesterday I had possibly the best personal intro to a new range since I started the blog. Over lunch, with gorgeous company – *waves* – I was taken through the new Michael Kors Beauty range. 

Those of you that know me IRL will understand my love for The Kors. I don’t generally go in for the whole designer ‘thing’. Oh but I love Michael Kors. Love him. If he was a singer he’d be SLB*. If he was a guitarist he’d be Jimmy Page. You see my point…

He’s larger than life, throw-it-all-out-there and doesn’t take himself too seriously. And this collection is a reflection of him. It’s fun, glamorous, sexy and gorgeous all in one.



Predictably my favourites from the Collection are the bronzing powders (£34). Huge, gorgeous pigment – no glitter.

#Glam – Beam – The deepest golden bronze.

#Sporty – Glow – barely any shimmer – traditional bronzer – if you use NARS Laguna? This one is for you.

#Sexy – Flush – I think this is my favourite – it has a divine pinky/coral tint that literally looks like a ‘flush’.

The above is all three lined up together to show the difference – and the below is my beloved NARS Sin blusher – for scale – see? HUGE.

Lip Lacquers £23.00

Lip Luster £21.00

Six shades of Nail Lacquer – £15.00 each.

And as if that wasn’t enough…guess who he’s used for the ad campaign?

And he’s a Leo.

*snaps fingers in a Z formation*

Michael Kors Beauty is available in Macy’s in the US and launches in selected House of Fraser stores in the UK on 18th September. It’s beautiful. Go get yours.

Next week: the Fragrance and Body Collection

*Simon Le Bon – obvs.

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