P50. Going going gone.

Remember all the excitement when Liberty said they would be stocking P50? I know. Me too.

Liberty have just informed me that once their current stock has gone they will be getting no more in. The UK distributor will no longer sell the product into non-spa retail. Whether this is the brilliant idea of the distributor (so more people will have to buy directly from them thus earning them more money) or a direct order from Biologique Recherche themselves is unclear. 

As much as I would back any brand’s right to sell wherever they want – it seems odd* to me that you would agree to retail, then renege on that once you realise how many thousands of pounds of sales you will gain if you keep it in-house. 

Not to worry, Pixi have tons of Glow Tonic in stock. 

*I say odd, I mean unethical.

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