Friday, 20 December 2013

12 Days, Jesus, Mary and Joseph. And maybe the manger - and the stable.

So the 12 Days have been very successful - and I haven't finished. Shame I can't add up really isn't it? Suffice to say I will be scheduling the giveaways until the fabulousness has all been given away.
I'm also going to ACTUALLY blog about product too. I know. Yes, really.

There's so much more to come! 


  1. I saw indeed labs products with a third off today, in Boots. Just in case anyone wanted to buy it after the giveaway. Hope you don't mind me saying

  2. Yes Caroline the giveaways have been really successful and the number of people participating shouldnt come as a surprise too. You are a wonderful wonderful person and your wisdom and straight forward approach to skin care has helped sooooooo many of us. I just wish I had found you and your blog earlier. I saw you being interviewed by the pixiwoo sisters and since then I've checked your blog EVERY SINGLE day.
    Please keep up the fantastic work, I'm (and surely millions of others) always looking forward to new reviews of products. I've only started commenting on your blog since I took part in the giveaways and have just dared to comment on here today. Hope you know by now, your biggest fan Beenish

  3. :-) looking forward to it lovely xx

  4. oooh thats so happy looking tree :) happy holidays xoxo

  5. Eek I got dazzled !
    Love your homely tree. Have a glorious feet up at Christmas. We can wait for your blog posts.

  6. So blogging and more giveaways in the run up to Xmas day? Blimey Lady Hirons, you're going to be run ragged!

    Not that we're complaining, like ;)

    Looking forward to some product blogs..a bit of sale shopping inspiration never goes a miss!

    Hope you have a lovely Christmas! Xx

  7. Have a wonderful Christmas Caroline - thank you so much for an amazing year of wisdom and wit! xo

  8. I love the blog posts ..... and would love to win this.

  9. Amazing giveaways, thank you and all the suppliers. I hope that you and your family have a lovely Christmas, I am looking forward to more product reviews after the holiday. xx

  10. o.O
    It's like.. Like.. Magic!

  11. These gifts have been my Christmas everyday. Just to look at all the products kindly donated for you to give away. It's only because you are respected by all these companies that each if us can enjoy commenting and dreaming one day our Anne will be chosen. Trusting Caroline will soon take a much deserved rest to enjoy happy days with family and friends. Thank you I have enjoyed checking your blog each day, giveaways or not

  12. I'm so happy I discovered this blog. The giveaways are fabulous but the greatest gift for me has been better skin. Have a wonderful Christmas Caroline. Really looking forward to my consultation in the new year. x


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