Sunday, 6 April 2014

Guilty Pleasure - and one of my most repurchased items - Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush glosses

I've been meaning to blog about these for the longest time - but didn't want to until I'd stocked up. Selfish cow - I know.

Victoria's Secret - they of the tres expensive yet tres tres comfortable bras - do a tight selection of beauty/cosmetics - it's what you'd expect - extremely sweet perfumes (some of which I also secretly love), body products, the basic makeup range and lip glosses. Oh the lip glosses. I have been in love with these glosses for years. Years. The picture above shows the repackaged version of my favourite range - they are now called Beauty Rush and come in 26 shades. 26! We don't get that many in the UK - but you lucky US dwellers will.

They are the exact colour that you see, the ones I buy have no shimmer - but they are available in differing depths of pigment and with shimmer if that's your thing. The applicator is the tube itself - perfectly slanted with a small opening so you don't drown in gloss with one slight push. They are flavoured/smelly - almost like cotton candy. I love that though.
If I had to take one lip gloss to a desert island - it would be Candy,Baby - which in the picture above is book-ending the other two: Yummy Berry and Citrus Kissed. The absolute perfect pink. For me. If you want really sophisticated formulas and a fashion designer's name on your products - these may not be for you. I love a swanky lip gloss as much as the next girl - but for all day/everyday use? These win every time.

And the best part: these are 4 for £20.00. Annoyingly they are also 4 for $20.00 - which tells you everything you need to know about rip-off Britain and why I take an empty suitcase when I go to the US.


  1. how unexpected and how exciting! thanks for sharing, i'll be heading over there asap!
    ps. are they sticky?

  2. wish these were easier to get a hold of in the UK!

  3. These used to be my absolute favorite! They come in the greatest flavors!

  4. A top product of mine as well :)

  5. definitely getting some of these when I'm in the states next month


    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

  6. I think I have 8 or 10 of these- thanks to duty free :) They are great, although I am not allowed to buy anymore till my lip gloss collection reduces :) Glad to have met another fan!

  7. These are great. I think I have 8 or 10, thanks to the UK duty free. Im not allowed to buy anymore till my lip gloss collection reduces! Glad to have met another fan :)

  8. I love these glosses! great review of a brand not everyone knows :) Blaize

  9. Great review! Will surely check on these. I love VS products and I am so excited about these.


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