Thursday, 31 July 2014

Bad bad blogger

So much going on and so little time. I can't be the only one that wishes there were more hours in the day?!

My recent efforts at keeping up to date with the blog have been LAME LAME LAME.  I'm SORRY. Really sorry.

I just got back from a birthday break in NY with Mr. Hirons which was amazing - albeit ridiculously tiring. Jetlag is KILLING me right now.

I have also managed to do more filming with Ruth  - hysterical as always.....

Our SPF video is here for your perusal....

Our fake tanning favourites are here....

And our makeup and skincare favourites for July will be live this evening.

I just broke the news to Mum that this video has been seen nearly half a million times...

Which makes us both a little *GAHHHHHH!*

Restarted the Clinic - the next one will be tomorrow evening (Friday) at 8pm. I'll answer as many as I can within the hour.

Thank you for your patience. I have Teen Skin and Pregnancy next on the list for Cheat Sheets. If you have any more suggestions please do let me know in the comments.


  1. Always enjoy reading/watching your blog posts and yt videos - thank you!
    Philippa // Time For Teal

  2. Hi Caroline! Just wanted to suggest possibly including nursing/post-partum hormones in your pregnancy cheat sheet. Many thanks!

    1. Yes please, this would be great. Also includung pregnancy time as well? Ingredients to avoid etc. Would be much appreciated :)

  3. Retinol cheat sheet please!

  4. could you talk about accutane or is that too specific? xx

  5. Hope you had a great birthday and a lovely time in New York!

  6. A blog/video (whichever is easiest) about what areas of breakouts mean. If any.

    Currently experiencing the worst skin I've ever had and it's making me feel so depressed. In areas I've never had issues either.
    Love your work though, so bloody brilliant xxx

  7. I commented twice by mistake caroline please ignore the first haha sorry

  8. Welcome home! Lovely, lush and funny videos, thank you both. I'd vote for a "menopause - what in the Sam Hill is happening to my skin" cheat sheet . X

  9. I'd love a men's cheat sheet -- what works for a guy (like my husband) who wants to do more than nothing but isn't going to plunge into a full-blown regimen.

  10. At first I thought it was 1 cheat sheet on " teen skin and pregnancy"👶

  11. I would love to see a cheat sheet that states your top products (disregarding price) for an AM and PM regime by skin type (dry, normal, oily, etc)... been trying to figure out what products to try first since I started following you by doing lots of searches so I think this would help a lot of people - may even reduce the workload of the clinic? Love your blog and thanks for all you do x

  12. Would love to hear your feelings on the much hyped 'cult 51' xx

  13. Please PLEASE do an eczema cheat sheet. My baby has extremely severe eczema and after 4 months I am finally making some head way but would love to know your recommendations. Love the blog! You have changed my life and skin!

  14. Hi Caroline, it would be amazing if you could do a cheat sheet on what (strengths/types) and how to use acid toners, and/or other acids in your routine. I feel quite confused about where to start, what to add, how to use them and what the benefits are for different needs e.g sometimes my skin is quite dry and then others it is hormonal and broken out. Thanks! xx

  15. A cheat sheet on pigmentation would be amazing!

  16. Hi caroline,

    I'd love a cheat sheet on what actives can/cant be used with each other.

    Example - as an adult acne sufferer I'm using prescription retinol (differin) and a benzoyl peroxide at the moment. I know you're not a dermatologist or a big fan of prescription skin medication - but without following your blog I dont think my skin would have improved half as much - even with the drugs - so would like to hear what you think about this.

    I like to use an antioxidant in the morning - but i'm unsure if this is compatible with benzoyl peroxide as the mode of action is oxidising. All so confusing.

    Also acids and retinol? Is one after the other ok? If not how? At the moment sometimes my eveing routine is spread over many hours.

    I've done alot of research (hence I found your blog) but alot of the advice on this is contradictory.

    Would love to know your views?

  17. Hi Caroline, I would love a gym cheat sheet - I've gathered bits here and there including the hironsluron jelly as moisturiser, but I'm missing some key bits including how to remove my makeup and SPF (bioderma/wipes still a no no even if with a second cleanse?), to tone or not to tone and post workout routine (e.g. steam; acid toners OK?) I would also love some product recommendations. Big ask but personally this is my biggest concern (youtube/blog has addressed everything else!). Thank you, LOVE YOU

  18. Caroline, holy grail, please can you do a redness/pigmentation cheat sheet or ANYTHING RELATIVE, I have such trouble with my redness and finding a colour corrector that works enough on it's own. My biggest struggle is finding foundation, colour matching anything really because it's so hard to see what matches when my cheeks and jaw area are very red!

  19. Hi Caroline,
    ive a question for your clinic, I have these bumps under my skin , nothing comes out when squeezed !!!!!! I cleanse morning and night with una brennan neroli oil and I use soap and glory cream cleanser after , then I tone with clarins exfoliating toner and follow with dermalogica toner and then well at the moment im using serum and moisturiser from la roche posay and a couple nights a week ill use an oil from clarins ...can you please tell me what I need ? Oh and im taking fish oils and evening primrose oil ...thank you in advance love love your blog x

  20. Hi caroline :) please do a cheat sheet on rosacea for all ages (young and elderly) x

  21. I would love an "ingredients to avoid" cheat sheet and perhaps a "men's skin care" one, too!

  22. Happy Birthday! Could you do a bridal skin cheat sheet or bridal skin clinic? I am getting married next year and have heard a myriad of different suggestions on how to prepare, how often to go for a facial and what to do to boost your skin. Every bridal magazine seems to have different suggestions. What would you advise?


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