Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The Civil Wars made it Official

Source Allister Ann 
A few years ago I posted about my obsession with TheCivil Wars. The duo that are now, no longer. They've been on 'hiatus' since their gig at The Roundhouse on 6th November last year and last week they announced that it's a permanent thing.

If you haven't heard any of their music do yourself a favour. Go check them out. I'll be the one in the corner playing them on a loop for the next 10 years until they decide to do a comeback tour.

For ridiculous synchronicity - watch how they fade out on this performance on Letterman. *sigh*

I miss them already.


  1. I LOVE The Civil Wars! Poison and Wine was the first song I hear of theirs and I instantly fell in love. Their cover of Billie Jean is one of the best things I've ever heard! :)


  2. I'm in love! I'm so upset I didn't learn of them before the split :-(

  3. I love them! When I first saw the video for Barton Hollow, I thought they were married. They have so much chemistry. I often wonder if that's why they decided to call it quits. It must be hard to be married to other people, but have this amazing chemistry with someone you work with so closely.

  4. Oh god I'm devastated too. I saw them last year just before the tour was cancelled and it was one of the best shows I have year in years. How can something so amazing be over? Sobs forever...

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  6. Didn't think I liked country music until I heard the Civil Wars a few years back. Such a shame. www.clementinebuttercup.blogspot.co.uk

  7. Awh no that's a real shame, but I suppose it's for the best if they aren't getting on. Looking forward to hearing their solo projects though.

    Rosie x | www.eatreadglam.com

  8. Wow they are incredible, thank you for the intro! x

  9. Ditto thx for noting them here! Just beautiful And so compelling I am not seeking more out!


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