Friday, 19 September 2014

Your Hormone Doctor and a 3 month supply of YOUTH

Listen up. If you are a lady of a certain age. I.E. over 40 (and 'king fabulous) - the ever-gorgeous and always glam Susie Rogers (also my ex office landlady for those of you that came for skin consults!) has written a must-have book with Leah Hardy and the Doc Daniel Sister just for you (and me).

If you feel like you've lost your 'oomph' or even that it is just taking a little break - or that it went on sabbatical and has never returned, have a read.

Regular readers will also recognise the YOUTH supplements from the blog...

I know I am due an updated supplement post but suffice to say I take these twice a day and notice a considerable dip in my energy levels when I don't. Susie has very kindly offered a lucky reader the chance to read the book and a 3 month supply of YOUTH, together worth over £180.00.

To enter simply use Rafflecopter below....

Good luck everyone - and this one is Open Internationally!

For more info on YOUTH:

And to order the book: HERE.

  • Open Internationally
  • One winner
  • No cash alternative will be offered
  • CH (that's me) cannot be held responsible for the goods not arriving
  • Proof of Postage will be provided

Not a sponsored post, no affiliates. She's a mate. :)

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  1. Pffft, you sure don't have to be over 40 to appreciate THAT book. 30 and I'll be all up in that. Thanks for the rec, Caroline! :) If it's alright by Hirons, it's alright by me.

  2. My oomph left with giving birth to my daughter. Expecting it back any day...

  3. Hi Caroline, I found your blog about a week ago, and have reading each day along with older posts. Such commonsense advice, and I love your English sense of humour. I am an Australian, my partner is English so I appreciate your wit! I am 53, work outside part of the day (Early Childhood Educator) and so slather myself in SPF50. Believe it or not, my father used to tell us to 'get out in the sun' when we were kids, but my Nana used to tell me to wear a hat and long sleeves. She had lovely skin still when she passed away at nearly 102. Wrinkles naturally, but her skin was so soft. You have made me rethink moisturiser with spf added, will be changing that straight away. My oomph has definitely left the building, menopause seems to do that! Thanks again for your blog, best wishes, Kathryn

    1. I hear you Kathryn, mine is on sabbatical. I'm expecting it back any day now. ;)

  4. Very interesting! Must read this.

  5. Hello Caroline! I have been lurking around your blog for over a few weeks and I must say that I love your posts. I am just a simple girl who doesn't have much time for skin care and beauty and it is a joy to read all your reviews and suggestions about the product. Since reading your posts, I have been making time for a good beauty regimen and thanks to you, I have received many compliments from my peers at work.

  6. Dear Caroline , im really in need of some oomph ! Need to sort my hormones out ! Lol

  7. How interesting! I didn't even know this existed, very cool.

  8. I have been really enjoying your blog and Youtube videos. So glad I stumbled across you!

  9. Those supplements sound interesting- and yes, please do a supplements post. It's thanks to you I take Star Flower Oil :) Thank you xx

  10. I'm becoming very interested in the impact of supplements and diet; I'd love to read this.

  11. Hi Caroline :-) I would love to try these xxx

  12. I have the book already but I'd love to try the supplements xx

  13. Energy.........where are you!!!!!!

  14. Absolutely something as a 48 year old I am always researching, learning about and doing my best ! Thanks for your blog and the opportunity :) You are widely popular in my circles

  15. I've entered, but would like to ask that someone please come up with the same for men. I shall say no more.

  16. hi
    i could so do with these as my energy levels get so low at this time
    thank you

  17. Dear Carolyn, I found your blog last November and I loved it ! Nowadays it is not easy to inspire people or to make them feel safe. Well, you did it!
    I am going to be 40 in 2 months and when I look myself in the mirror ? Not happy. Your post came right on time.
    Crossed fingers...

  18. Dear Carolyn, thank you for the post, it came right on time!
    Crossed fingers...
    By the way I must say that it is not easy nowadays to inspire people to make them feel safe and trust you. Well, you did it!

  19. Loving your posts and videos lately! Would love to see an updated supplements post :)


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