Friday, 10 October 2014


Just a quick one. I'm in Dublin next week with the brilliant Cloud10 Beauty. It's a private event BUT there is the chance to win tickets to the evening event where you can listen to me rant talk all things beauty with me, Sinead Cady and Morgan Keyte from Tigi.

To win simply enter

I hope to be back in a more public way soon. Bloody love the Irish.


  1. I'm already on the list!!!! I have the baby sitters sorted, I can't wait.

  2. Wahoo Caroline, I've just entered! Thanks!

  3. Fingers crossed I win this. Last time you were in Dublin, was the only week of the year when I was actually out of the country!!

  4. Yay!! You are the reason my skin is looking good these days. Love your blog / YouTube channel. Hope you get to come to Dublin more often - we need you!!

  5. we love you too - skin has improved so much since i started reading your blog!


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