Sunday, 29 March 2015

Pregnancy Rambling Beauty Chat with Ruth

Well the intention was to chat all things pregnancy beauty, but then we kind of went off on a tangent. As we do.

Hope you enjoy! Please do leave any requests/questions in the comments - we plan to do it again before the baby arrives. :)


  1. Quite fun. I like the meandering!

  2. Hi Caroline, I know this is off topic but I am trying to decide btw Juno and Artemis. I have dry, dehydrated, acne prone skin. Or should I be looking at something else?


  3. Carola Svedberg29 March 2015 at 21:05

    Sunday evening with Ruth & Caroline are the best !

  4. Hello Caroline,
    Do you know when SR Luna will be released in the UK? I can't find it online.
    Thank you.

  5. Hi both,
    Fab video. Just wondering if you have any tips on a good scar cream for after sections? I used mama mio's last time but it's been discontinued :-( Also I can't find a breastfeeding friendly bust cream to help my boobs from getting stretch marks this time- any ideas?
    Also any tips on dealing with post baby bump would be appreciated! I'm due with baby number 2 on the 5th June- so around then same time as Ruth I thinkX

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  7. Hi Caroline, I enjoy your videos a lot! I like how coherent and real you are. I've had two pregnancies (I have 2 boys) and remember being a bit scared to use certain products. So I am very glad somebody is sending some light and common sense to these ladies.


  8. lol loved your vids on pregnancy with Ruth. I'm exactly the same no of weeks at Ruth! Was wondering what products you recommend for babies! So baby shampoo, wash, nappy cream, oil moisturiser etc. What should i look for and what should I avoid?


  9. Haha, love this! So funny! One minor niggle though: "feminine washes." They're unnecessary and can cause thrush/bacterial vaginosis as they can cause an imbalance of pH which makes it a more hospitable environment for yeast/bad bacteria. The, um, internal part will clean itself, and the external parts just need water. It's that simple :)

    1. Not to be rude but, actually not, the usual soap or worse scented shower gel are not pH appropriate to wash the girl part and can irritated the mucosa. but no inner wash "vaginal shower" is need ever as it can cause mycosis. and only water is not washing but refreshing at most.

    2. maybe not the right place to write it but i find Ruth to be very annoying....
      how is it possible to look this good!!!! at least she does seem to have the pregnancy brain!
      hope you'll get the time to film once more before baby caroline pops out!

  10. Love the video, made me smile!! Bit more advice on the best oils for pregancy tums would be great?
    Also do people use feminine washes? I stick to just a little unperfumed simple soap x

  11. Adore you two together. You made me laugh out loud so many times. Don't stop doing these videos and don't worry about editing them!


  12. I could listen to you two chatting all day long!!! Off to find more Ruth and Caroline videos now!!

  13. Hi Caroline - are you still checking these comments? What are your thoughts on Lotion P50 during pregnancy? Is it safe (in your opinion)?


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