Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Tata Harper Purifying Cleanser

It would be easy to say that I couldn't love this cleanser any more if it sang for Duran Duran or the Chili Peppers but let's play fair and give it the whole review as usual... :)

What is it?
'A powerful, invigorating detoxifying cleanser for oily or problematic skin.'

What's in it?
Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Capric/Caprylic/Triglycerides, Water (Aqua), Glycerine, Propanediol, Glyceryl undecylenate, Aroma**, Sucrose Stearate, Decyl Glucoside, Oryza sativa (Rice) Extract*, Glyceryl Caprylate, Lactobacillus/Punica granatum Fruit Ferment Extract, Papain, Curcuma Zedoaria Root Oil, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Sucrose Palmitate, Zingiber Officinale Root Oil, Salix alba (Willow) Bark Extract*, Eugenia Caryophyllus Flower Oil, Sucrose Laurate, Abies PectinateLeaf Oil, Foeniculum Vulgare Oil, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extracts, Kaolin, Bioflavanoids, Leuconostoc ferment filtrate, Montmorillonite, Mica, Brassica Oleracea Italica (Broccoli) Extract, Superoxide Dismutase, Soybean Peroxidase, Citral, Citronellol, Eugenol, Geraniol, Linalool, Limonene *Ingredients from Organic farming **Clinical grade essential oils blend 

Possibly acne/allergy/troubling for some ingredients?
Essential oils

What's not in it?
'Synthetics, artificial fragrances, fillers, GMO, gluten, parabens etc
The TH brand claims to be 100% natural

Tested on animals/sold in China?
No. Carries the Leaping Bunny logo.

Who is it for?
'Oily or problematic skin.' If ever there was proof positive that you can always read beyond the label - whilst this would undoubtedly be a brilliant cleanser for oily/problematic skins, it is also a fabulous product to use first thing in the morning or second cleanse in the evening for all skin types except maybe the extremely sensitive - in which case I would still suggest trying to patch test it/get a sample.
As the UK moves into Spring/Summer I imagine I will use this even more.
If you have acne/combo skin it's a no-brainer. As with all things though - testing/sampling is advisable to any compromised skin.

How do you use it?
Apply to dry skin - massage in, remove with flannel.

First or second/only cleanse?
As above - this is not a makeup remover for me. It would be no good for the eye area. Second cleanse or morning cleanse - if you are a gym-goer, either early moring or after work, you'll love the feel and effect of this.

What's good/not so good about it?
This is a soap-free cleanser that has good, proven clays such as kaolin and montmorillonite along with magnesium aluminum silicate (white clay) alongside fruit enzymes and sugars. Put altogether the mix is a glorious sensation on the skin. 
I love this cleanser. Being completely honest, if you follow me on Instagram you'll see from my daily posts that I literally use something from the Tata Harper range every single day. It's by far my favourite range of the moment. Kate Somerville needs to hurry back to the UK, I'm already sleeping with the enemy. :) 
If I had to stick with one range of cleansers for life, it would be any from the Tata Harper range. They are seriously that good.
The only problem with this range at the moment is the lack of distribution. Some retailers need to wake the hell up.

Similar products (similar, not the same)?
Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip
REN ClearCalm Clay Cleanser
Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser

Tata Harper Purifying Cleanser is £45 for 125ml and available from  
It is also sold at
In the US it's $58.00 and more widely available -


  1. I've had my eye on this for a while and can't wait to try it! I'm obsessed with cleansers at the moment. I've also seen it on Being Content:

  2. Hi Caroline, which serum would you recommend from the Tata Harper range for dehydrated combination skin please? As always, your help and advice is greatly appreciated. :)

  3. I've been looking for something with a little "zing" to it for mornings, but that zing usually = drying for my skin. Would this be a good choice?

  4. Love TH. Except for the moisturizing mask, which stinks to high heaven. And doesn't work.

    Actually, I can't bring myself to buy anything full-sized from her range due to the price. I have some limits. :: sips whiskey for breakfast ::

  5. Not the same cleanser, but also stock some Tata Harper products.

  6. Could you please review the Refreshing cleanser? Is it ok for dry sensitive skin and can it be used on a daily basis?

  7. also stocks it.

  8. I'm using the Regenerating Cleanser and it's ruddy fantastic - I really do want to try the Purifying one next....[loiters on Space NK website]

  9. Looks interesting, I'll check it out and maybe do a review as well!

  10. Hi Caroline,

    Could you please do a review of all the serums in this line? Thanks. Would also love to hear your opinion on her new oil cleanser.

  11. Blemishes are not an issue for me, I have dehydrated skin with redness in my cheeks and chin (I think it might be rosacea without the pimples or bumps), and I spend a lot of time on the back of a motorcycle. I need something to get all the sunscreen, road dirt, bugs and exhaust fumes off my face and usually use a DIY green clay mask which leaves me with very tight feeling skin. Do you think this, or one of the "similars", would be a good cleanser for after a ride?

  12. oh gawwwwd. this is why I miss my spacenk discount :( love tata harper!! xxx


  13. Apologies if this posts twice, I'm not sure if there was a problem the first time I tried, but since you mention the brand at the end, what are your thoughts on Ren selling out to Unilever? Do you think they will be able to maintain their ethical and cruelty-free profile? I'm not convinced.

    1. Ren have sold to Unilver? Oh gawd. I only use the body wash from them but will have to stop. They are on a par with L'Oreal in the animal testing stakes. Scary

    2. Agree, I'm a recent Ren convert but am about to abandon ship. The comments on their fb page following the announcement bring the words 'PR disaster' to mind!

    3. Nooooo I'm also a recent convert! And I was so happy to find good quality, affordable products :( Guess it's time to stockpile now...

  14. Hi Caroline,

    Love the reviews with similar products listed! Such a good idea. Could you please do an updated sun protection review/list? I'm moving to NY (bonkersly) and would love some recommendations for a summer that is bound to be a lot hotter than here in windy Blackpool.

    Also managed get my mum hooked on your blog. Her bank balance is not happy with me or you at the moment.


  15. I said ta-ta to my TATA yesterday, sadly it was all finished..... loved the stuff though and repurchased already! :-)

  16. I enjoy the Refreshing Cleanser, but often wonder if the ingredients in a naturals line can truly be "clinical grade." As I age, I do find I want a lot of science in my products, if that makes sense.

  17. I LOVE the similar products at the end idea. I am only able to afford budget products at the moment so it's a brilliant idea.
    Caroline you are schmazing

  18. I always hear such good things about this cleanser. I'll be picking it up when my budget allows!

  19. this cleanser sounds amazing but it's a bit too expensive and also inaccessible to me. Would you recommend the dermalogica clay cleanser for dry/dehydrated/acneprone skin? I have tried the REN clay one, and while very lovely, I don't think it's groundbreaking for my skin. I just want something that balances my skin, isn't too harsh and clarifies without drying or aggravating my already angry skin.

  20. Another fan of the list of similar products at the end (and of you generally, OBVS.)

    Would be curious to know the key differences btw them and the product reviewed if it's something you have time to throw a few words at in future reviews, esp. since I recently bought Ceramic Slip but am finding it can leave skin feeling a smudge right after use so would love to know how this / the others mentioned might compare.

  21. When using a cleanser like this as second cleanse after makeup removal, do you do your first cleanse, dry off your face, and then start in again with second cleanse? I'm wondering because I've always done my second cleanse starting with wet skin... Thanks!

  22. Oh, I wish I could get my hands on a sample of this... Sounds so lovely, but I would have to test it first to make sure using clay on a daily basis would not be too drying for my skin (yes, obv a problem at this time of year - go away winter!!!).

    So sad to read that Ren has sold its soul to Unilever :(

  23. I've been using Tata Harper for years, here are the websites you can buy her products from: (yes they ship to the UK now!)

    Also, if you sign up to the newsletters you often get sent discount codes, that's how I can afford to buy her skincare!

  24. Cannot wait to stock up on Kate summervile and purchase luna and some tata harper when I visit the states next month my sephora card will get some serious pointage on it :-D

  25. what? only on net-a-porter? that's not true, I somehow thought that if anyone would know about this site/shop, it would be you

    1. I do I do, they didn't have stock! :) That's why I RT'd them etc when this went up :)

  26. Hi! I was just wondering what "no-brainer" means?

  27. Caroline, I adore you! I absolutely love Tata Harper Purifying Cleanser. It is truly exceptional. I wouldn't have tried it, if it hadn't been for your rave review, because I would have thought it was too pricey for a cleanser and I tend to think that "natural" products aren't always as effective nor as gentle for my sensitive combo skin. This product is more than a cleanser--its a treatment and very spa-like. Worth every penny. I enjoy using it. Merci beaucoup, Caroline! xoxo

  28. Also available at, the full range is stocked. xoxo


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