Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Quick Smokey Eye with Hannah from Bobbi Brown

After Hannah and the team had finished filming the video last week, I told asked her to stick around and give me a full smokey eye - which happily, she did!

It's really quick, unlike our first video LOL.

Hope you enjoy!

This video is not sponsored. It's just an added extra I asked Hannah to do.


  1. Love it! I've always been too scared to do a smokey eye as well. Might give this a go!

  2. Beautiful! I watched a video of Bobbi herself doing a smoky eye on someone and it really changed the way I do my own makeup. And not to keep -- as I believe you Brits say -- quacking on about it, but you really need to steal the lovely Hannah away from Bobbi Brown and hire her for yourself. You've always been an attractive woman, but when Hannah has her way with you, it's absolute magic!

  3. Kudos to Hannah and thank you for sharing - you look a decade younger! Where did you buy your sweatshirt?

  4. I think this might be the best Smokey Eye tutorial I've ever seen.

    Caroline, you look amazeyballs!

  5. Thanks for sharing this. I have very similar eyelids as you and have never attempted a smoky eye. Now I'm going to have to give it a go. Hannah is absolutely lovely. I want to steal her away to be my makeup artist.

  6. That smokey eye looks absolutely gorgeous on you! I wish the lovely Hannah could do my makeup...

  7. Aha, that's why I couldn't find the video over the last few days, you hadn't yet published it. I'd noticed the change in eye makeup between the one with Hannah and your new products one and wanted to find out more. Really suits you.

  8. I love your video!
    Those Bobbi Brown will be definitely on my wishlist.
    Oh, how can you be so hilariously funny?! <3

  9. Brilliant - will be referring to this video ALOT. Tanx a mil Caroline 👍

  10. Caroline, you look amazing. What a stunning look on you. Hope you hit the town with your Sexy eyes or st least the camera. :-)
    PS just love your accent.

  11. This has been greatly helpful! I had been trying the smoky eye thing but i always end up getting a bruised eye instead! LOL! I am surely gona try this. <3
    Also, checkout www.beautyhome.co.uk It is of a real help for the people like me who are not so good at doing make-up. They come to your place and they are experts.


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