Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Hall of Fame and the second reveal from the Cult Beauty Box

Choosing one product from Tata Harper for the Hall of Fame is like choosing a favourite child. You could if you really put your mind to it and it all depends on your mood on the day. ;) Calm down. I'm kidding. 
Kind of.

There will undoubtedly be another Tata product in the HOF before too long, but for today, and the box, I went with the Rejuvenating Serum.

Why? I hear you ask. Well: while the Tata cleansers could all hold their own individually in the Hall of Fame, it's much harder to be specific when it comes to adding a one-serum-fits-all into a workable routine.
Thus I plumped for the serum.

What is it?
'This award-winning, best-selling multitasking collagen treatment addresses multiple of ageing by delivering the benefits of 7 anti-ageing products in one serum.'

A great serum to tackle signs of ageing in all skin types.

Who is it for?
While it can be safely used across all demographics, I would go crazy if I caught Ava using this. She doesn't need it and it would be wasted. (Not that this has ever stopped her previously) Essentially all skins 30+ or younger if you have a busy lifestyle in the city/eat a lot of sugar/smoke/drink etc...
Anyone concerned with visible signs of skin that is not looking its best.

What’s in it?
Aloe barbadensis leaf juice*, Mangifera indica (Mango)  seed butter, Rosa damascena flower water*, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Olea europaea (Olive) oil*, Galactoarabinan, Cetearyl alcohol, Glycerin, Carthamus tinctorius (Safflower) oleosomes*, Oryza sativa (Rice) extract*, Cetearyl olivate,  Centella asiatica (Gotu Kola) extract*,  Leuconostoc ferment filtrate (radish root extract), Sambucus nigra (Elderberry) fruit extract, Arnica montana leaf Extract*, Calendula officinalis flower Extract*, Spiraea Ulmaria (meadowsweet) Flower Extract*, Tilia europaea (Linden) leaf/flower Extract *,  Medicago sativa (Alfalfa) leaf Extract*, Lavandula stoechas (Spanish Lavender) extract, Narcissus tazetta (Daffodil) bulb extract*, Phoenix dactylifera (Date) seed extract, Menyanthes trifoliata (Buckbean) leaf Extract, Salix alba (Willow) bark extract*, Sodium hyaluronate, Sclerotium gum, Cetearyl glucoside, Sorbitan olivate, Soybean peroxidase, Superoxide dismutase, Sodium phytate, Natural alcohol, Aroma, Geraniol, Limonene, Farnesol, Eugenol, Citral


Possibly acne/allergy/troubling for some ingredients?
essential oils

Natural/Organic/Man made/Vegan/GMO free/Fair trade/Gluten?
natural/partially organic/GMO free/Gluten free/vegan etc etc

Tested on animals/sold in China?
No/No - BUAV approved - and bunny symbol on packaging

What's not in it?
mineral oil
synthetic fragrance
animal derivatives

How do you use it?/Where to use in your routine?
Apply AM and PM under moisturiser. I take a couple of pumps on to my fingertips, apply all over the face and leave to absorb for a couple of minutes. Moisturiser goes straight on afterwards.

What’s good about it?
This is a great multi-tasking serum for all skins, but especially suited to those of us with a slightly older skin in need of some firming action. It's not quite an iron, but it helps. :)
It is loaded with the usual Tata green ingredients, including narcissus, galactoarabinan, gotu kola, arnica, rosewater, rice berry, elderberry and calendula. All in all, designed to be firming, softening, protective, smoothing, plumping and helping elasticity.

Vogue magazine called it 'life-changing' and Marie Claire magazine awarded it their  Prix D’Excellence de la Beaute award.

What’s not so good about it?
While I'm still not in love with the term 'non-toxic' on the packaging, green brands are huge in the US at the moment and I don't see that wording changing any time soon. I'm looking at the product behind the claim, and for me, it stands up, whether you eat it or not....

The Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum is £80.00 for 30ml and available from

It's also in my upcoming Cult Beauty Box which you can sign up for here:

Please note - there is no obligation on signing up to the box - you just get first dibs.

Word to the wise: the cost of the box will be less than the combined total of the two items already revealed - and there are 6 items in the box. 


  1. Well this box is ticking all the... er... boxes so far. Please can we have some word on price before the excitement overwhelms. Thank you.

    1. Well, you can be sure that it's under 208£ since the blue cocoon and this serum have a total of that combined - and as she says; the price of the box is going to be less than the combined total of the two products....

    2. Dur, obviously missed that in my excitement. Jeez Louise, cannot wait to get my sticky little paws on this. Thank you.

  2. This just gets better and better...its up there with starwars....

  3. Hi, like Eleanor above, I also wanted to ask you for an approximate price range. I don't want to get too excited if it is completely out of my budget. I know it's not easy reigning in the prices... We all appreciate what you do and the choices you have to make.

    1. Read the bottom of the post. I just updated it. ;)

  4. Ooooh ambassador Hirons! You're spoiling us! X

  5. When will it be released? I am saving my pennies! Thank you xxx

  6. So excited to be visiting your lovely London for the first time this week! I'm sad I'll be missing your December PA by a few days, but that would have just been extraordinary timing. I started traveling from Texas 6 months ago and found your blog while on the road; I wasn't planning on seeing London but after reading/hearing you talk about it I decided to make a detour. Good thing too because the airport security took away some of my liquids on the last leg and its a perfect excuse to replace them with some hall-of-fame-ers... assuming I can find them in flight approved sizes!

    I walked all over the Greenwich area today and do all the big sights tomorrow. Do you have any favorite places? Thanks for sharing your beautiful city with me, happy holidays to you and your fam.

  7. I got the last box and It looks like ill be getting this box as well!

  8. Hi Caroline! Desperately needing to consult my skincare guru in a time of crisis: I recently OD'd on my first time use of retinol and my skin has been red, tight and blotchy for almost a week. I've been slathering on the oils but would it be ok to use AHAs in Somerville's clinic to go pads to get rid of some of the surface tightness and dullness? Getting desperate with barely being able to move my eyeballs! Thanks for your help if you have the time x

    1. Hi, I was just reading the comments (trying to suss out predictions for the box of dreams) when I noticed this. I had the same thing last month when I started tretinoin. The only things that relieved the dryness and slight burning was mv organics pure jojoba oil (I read on some forums that it helped) and a cream called dermalex that I bought from boots for eczema. Both really helped relieve the tightness and flakes, for me anyway. Also my skin looks amazing now- so the adjustment period was definitely worth it! Hope that helps a bit!

    2. BV/Jennifer - would you be so good as to let me know the brands that you are using?

      Thank you very much.

    3. I'm using the Obagi 0.5 Tretinoin. I cannot tell you the difference it has made to my skin tone and wrinkles already! Whilst I was getting used to it I cut everything except cetaphil, rose water, MV Organics Jojoba Oil and Dermalex. I've now managed to reintroduce some mild acid toners and my balm cleansers. It is definitely worth the hassle- for me at least. I hope this helps!

    4. Hello! I was using the Kate Somerville retesphere. My skin is back to normal now but I think I may leave it another week before using again. I'm sure my eye wrinkles look better already but I also think I could be imagining it! I'm 27 and have good skin elsewhere apart from some wrinkles under my eyes which are the bane of my life! Let me know if retinol helped yours!

  9. Hi Caroline, is it going to be full size?
    xo xo

  10. Oh I am so excited! This will be my Christmas present to myself, I loved your first box and I'm excited to be watching my email to make sure I get this one.

  11. Cannot wait. Getting giddy over here in Germany.

  12. So far this box sounds amazing - was just wondering if the produce are all full size? I really don't need more products but the organic kale eating not sold on China slant so far has reeled me in :-)

  13. Oooh!! I am so excited for this box as I have decided that this will be my Christmas gift to myself! I have been so nice this year :D However - it all depends on the price and if my student loans come in before launch! Any chance to ballpark a release date?

  14. This box has my name written on it! The last two I didn't get because I already owned pretty much all of the products! Cannot wait for this to be availible! !!/Carola

  15. Oh hell!!! Caroline I seriously cannot wait!! This is my only Christmas box now, no pressure ;)

  16. Caroline - any chance you'll be releasing a box for troubled / acne prone / younger skin as well?

    1. Blue cocoon sounds ideal for that :) imho

    2. Personally blue cocoon has not worked for my acne. Personally. 😕

  17. Beyond excited!! The other half is delighted I have picked my Christmas present... I wonder if I can wait until Christmas to not open it!!

  18. I am desperate to get my hands on this Caroline. Super desperate. Fingers, toes and legs crossed. Sophie x

  19. Looks nice :)
    Maria V.

  20. Oh my god- this has to be the best beautybox ever ever! I have always wanted May Lindstrom's blue cocoon but felt guilty as regards the price tag. Have been dying to try Tata's rejuvenating serum since you raved about it previously Caroline...both in the ine box..this has to be under my Christmas tree! Hope you will give us a few more sneak peaks ...!

  21. Lady Caroline,

    Would you recommend breastfeeding ladies stay away from this, due to the essential oils?


    Mama Milkbags

  22. Oooh I'm getting more and more excited. I don't have either of these products so far and I'm obsessed with Tata Harpers Cleansers so it will be great to use the serum. I do think I may have tried the serum in a test/travel size, but I can't quite remember.
    The Beauty Bloss

  23. My lovely Mrs. Hirons, I was reading just reading about your Hall of Fame products and I was wondering if you can please pretty please put together a Cult Box with products for Super Oily skin! Hint hint! XO

  24. Cannot wait to get my hands on the box

  25. Yes me too my skin is fab thanks to teading and following your great info 😄got to say it love you Madame Hirons

  26. I want that box so badly that my groin hurts.
    Cult Beauty ships worldwide, so I guess I'm all good to go.

  27. Am in the desperate for the cult box que :)


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