Sunday, 1 November 2015



This is the last week of posting vlogs on a Sunday. Going forward I'm probably going to put them up on Saturday mornings as it frees up the weekends for me.  All details from this vlog are in the description box under the video on my YouTube channel.

Busy, busy weeks ahead. And three new videos heading your way. Empties, Favourites and What's New?.

Stay tuned!

Have a great week.


  1. I welcome the change in posting time it suits me better too haha
    I like to watch it on Sunday evening in Australia, sometimes it comes out past my bedtime :)

  2. Love your posts Caroline - I thought Spectre was great but not quite as good as Skyfall!!

    Love Kate xxx
    The Medic Journal

  3. Love your vlogs. Can so relate to collecting hordes of teens from theme parks ...

  4. Love the look of the m&s calendar

  5. Yay! Looking forward to the new videos. Saw that Sunday Riley is releasing a cleansing balm, would be interested to hear if you like it. Cheers!

  6. I love your blogs. Your busyness and energy make me get off my bum and get busy too. Plus all the beauty info is fabulous, of course. Thank you

  7. i want an actual video with good sit-down content rather than just a bunch of vlogs, please

  8. I'm a new reader/watcher of yours from the US. I really enjoyed this vlog as I saw your mom side. Your son was adorable, happily dancing and grinning that he is tall enough for the rides. He seems to have your sense of humor!

    I wish I could get that beauty advent calendar here in the US.

  9. Ah I LOVE it when your vlog lands! I've recently moved to New Zealand and although we all LOVE it here, it is so so SO fabulous to see London and hear your accent :D LOVE IT!

  10. I'm unlikely to actually spot you in the crowd, but I'm going to see the Crue on Friday too! Yay!

  11. Hair looks incredible, those nails amazing and that lipstick to die for. Love to know the colours and brand of those.
    I don't normally watch vlogs but I've watched every week and there so much fun. Thanks for sharing your life, its brave.
    I also don't think the ride story is funny ugh.. I would of died...
    Glad to hear someone else has a magazine pile like mine!!
    Love to hear how the retinol went..
    I'm excited for the what's new and empties!! So excited.
    Keep up the amazing work.

  12. Vlog away Ms Hirons! Loving them! In fact think there should be Caroline and Ruth TV programme x

  13. Hi, I cannot praise or thank you enough, your advice is great! my BIG QUESTION is how to how to repair/improve sun damaged face (think very pale/blonde who lived in the Med 20+ yrs now in FL, oily, dehydrated, acne scars, discolorations).
    Cleanse + Tone + Serum + Moisturiser + Sunscreen + Make up = Big greasy slide after one hour. Cystic acne is finally sorted and Im working on the discolorations and general wrinkles! Ive tried clinique city block SPF 25 / 40, Neutrogena SPF 60 (zinc based) , various BB creams. Wearing gloves/hat/sunglasses/little scarf around neck to keep sun off. (discolorations). Should I try cleanse, tone and then multipurpose SPF BB + spf powder (Roth bronzer)? Big hugs & kisses from USA!!!! Steph

  14. Checked M&S today, the advent calendar is out - at £200!!!!! Really hoping that price changes.

    1. Thank you, was super disappointed when I saw that price. They're doing 3 for 2, might have to get a few for the family.

  15. Love your vlogs. I am am awaiting Oskia Cleanser from Beauty Bay in London. I can find most of the products here in the U.S.
    So happy I discovered you!!

  16. Hi Caroline, another hello from New Zealand! At one point in your vlog, you say something along the lines of it's 10pm gotta take makeup off, usually take it off much earlier... Is there a reason for that? I'm curious - would it be to allow the products to sink into the skin before bed? Sometimes I wonder if my pillow gets more product than my face! love your stuff, thanks for sharing your knowledge. best, xxx

  17. I love watching your blogs. I work from home and I'm taking notes on how you take care of work and your family at the same time. I just need to work on cooking more... =)

  18. Love you Mrs Hirons! Please please please do a retin a post. I use it and want to make sure I'm getting the best from it. Thanks!

  19. Hello Mrs Hirons! I am very interesstet in this retin(ol?). Is it a cream or a mask? What is it exact for and how du you use it? Looking Forward to read more about it from you.
    Ruth from Austria


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