Saturday, 21 November 2015


Hi Everyone. If you're not on Instagram you may not know that I was in Iceland this week - it was spectacular. Thank you BioEffect for hosting us. And introducing me to Bea's hat, the star of the show.

See you next week. Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Caroline,

    I'm a french viewer/reader from Paris.
    Thank you for saying a few words and showing us some love.
    I really love your work, your personality and opinions, so your reaction matters to me.
    This week has been so difficult.
    I'm so sad..
    Soyons tolérants, soyons unis, soyons humains.

    Encore merci Caroline,
    Bises de Paris.


    1. My most heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with you and all of Paris, Mimi. Hugs!!

    2. My most heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with you and all of Paris, Mimi. Hugs!!

    3. Mimi, how can we not think of Paris after the terrible acts last week, I live in Antwerp, Belgium (thankfully not Brussels) but we are feeling stress, I refuse to be scared by these "terrorists" and good will prevail over evil which has become my mantra of late. Stay safe and know that Paris and France has people globally thinking about them. Stay safe. Angela xx

    4. Greetings from NY, Mimi. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the wonderful people of France. I am flying the French flag alongside our US flag. My father was a WWII veteran, landed in Normandy and marched across France and Belgium and Germany. He had the kindest things to say about the people of France. We stand together with you!

  2. Have just bleached the kitchen and bathroom, which reminded me to check your blog and Instagram.
    Loved it, went to Iceland, Blue Lagoon about 10 years ago, a very special place, amazing landscape, amazing people and food. Didn't see the Northern Lights, well jel!
    Thank you for transforming my skin, everything you say/write makes perfect sense and I love the integrity in your reviews. Pretty please, bring out your own line in skincare...
    I too have been wearing Fracas this week, L'amour et la force de vous @Mimi.

  3. P.S. also thank you for making me remember I need to go to the Optician, I initially read that you cleansed your face today with dog dissolving cleansing milk! An appointment will be made on Monday morning, yikes x

  4. Love your blog and vlogs Caroline.

  5. Hi Caroline
    On sofa, love your vlog and blog... Just got two kittens maybe that's what I should call them?!
    Anyhoo, find you inspirational and a pure joy to watch... Know that when you have hard weeks, you brighten those of so many others. Hugs for that.
    Finding myself at a crossroads... Two babies in two them... Time to go back to work...being made redundant... possibly time to follow my true calling... Leadership development to beauty something or other? ������

  6. Hi Caroline,

    From Australia i want to thank you for inviting us into your home with your family. Our hearts are with those in Paris and anyone affected. <3

    Also massive thank you for taking us with you to Bioeffect, The product used to be accessible in the country but then it was taken by TGA *we have high standards which basically means anything good or strong is taken :'( *.

    Was a great look into the world behind the fabulous EGF manufacture process. LOVE!

    Enjoy the rest of your week and cannot wait till the next one :)


    Callum xx

  7. Thank you fo rthis vlog Caroline, I've never been to Iceland and your pictures were amazing, so beautiful colours, it makes me want to go and dicover this country...though I'll do that in Summer, I hate the cold..that's what living in France does for yoy:-) by the way thanks for your compassion and your heartfelt words for Paris, it means so much in those times when we don't understand why such monstrous behaviour can's so strange now but we shan't be afraid, we'll carry on as before, they would be too happy to habe us defeated...Thanks everyone for the prayers for our victims...
    It's my 1rst comment Caroline, I am new on your blog but I am being good at reading all your reviews on the right side and I've subscribed via email: a big thank you for your reviews I enjoy so much and for you tone and humour, it's great to laugh when you watch a beauty video:-) Thank you for the Kate Somerville discount, it's a big gift to your readers, I was going to order when I noticed they didn't deliver to France (nowhere in Europe except UK), such a pity...! well maybe next time...Have a very peaceful week-end with your family ( looking forward to your reviews next week)

    1. I'm sorry I didn't mean to comment as "unknown", I must have gone wrong somewhere (not very bright with my laptop..:-(.. Anyyway, my name is Chantal, though it says my Open ID could not be checked..?.It seems I need something for my name to be taken into account except I don't know what...! never mind I'll be "unknown" and sign at the end of my comment: chantal

  8. Hi Caroline, I discovered you via someone elses blog (can't remember whose) but safe to say that I subscribed and love every new vlog or video or blog you post, I even have my 20 year old daughter loving The Hirons now too! She is living in the UK and travelling up to London to uni most days which is a little scary needless to say at the moment. We live in Antwerp (although British) so are feeling a little stressed here too this weekend. Our world is changing for the worse but we must not be scared otherwise the lowlifes have won. Thanks for always making me lol during your vlogs. When you said you were going to Iceland, I thought you were doing the freezer shop, "mums gone to Iceland"!! Have a lovely weekend Caroline with your family xxx

  9. Thank you for all the sweet messages, you have such lovely readers Caroline :)

  10. Thanks for another great vlog Caroline! Tbh, I'm not really a fan of vlogs but totally look forward to watching yours every weekend. Been a fan for a few years now and recently decided to read your blog from the very beginning, took me a good week but so worth it, a veritable treasure trove of information and entertainment. Your advice and recommendations these last few years has absolutely changed my skin for the better.

  11. Hello Caroline. Loved the blog. Re toothless dating, I would definitely have said YES to Clark Gable despite his lack of teeth!

  12. Caroline - I absolutely love your blog/videos and look forward to watching every week!
    Just a request, since the weather has turned freezing any chance of winter skin recommendations?? My facial oil is no longer enough and am desperate for some guidance on potential moisturisers etc..
    Thank you!! xxxx

  13. I am hoping to go to Iceland In January / Feb!! Looks lovely! xxxx

  14. Merci et comme on dit ici "même pas peur" 🇫🇷


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