Tuesday, 19 January 2016


Annnd we're back. Nothing hugely exciting this week folks. A little rambling is all. :) This week and next week will be better. Promise.

All info from the vlog is in the description box underneath the video. Click 'watch on YouTube' in the bottom right corner.

See you next week!


  1. Hi Caroline! Big fan of the blog, and have recently become addicted to your vlogs as well!!! Bit unrelated, but recently have been reading about AHA/BHA products needing to be at a low/correct pH to work effectively - I read somewhere that Pixi glow tonic (one of my faves) is between pH 4 and 5 and so surely it won't work properly or effectively? Was wondering how much truth there is to this and if you could you shed some light on it?


    1. Please (and thank you in advance) by the way!

  2. I'm in a panic! My Glow tonic is almost finished. In SA we do not have Pixie available. Could you recommend something else. I'll go sit and take some deep breaths in the corner now... Love you. Absolutely adore your no pretense just you blogs and vlogs. :)

  3. But, thanks to you my skin looks amazing. I never thought I could achieve that, but I did. I'm 30 years old and finally have control of my skin, for now...!!! This time last year I was a wreck, I have a terrible autoimmune disease that affects my nervous system and brain... I was so sad and all my meds made my skin horrific. Anyway, since it's officially been a year since I started my membership in the Caroline Hirons Number one fan group, I just wanted to give you an update. My skin is glowing, my fine wines are very reduced, the cystic acne has gone, and the scars are gone. As I followed you, I started changing my routine, and then thought: Caroline says better food = better skin, so I did it! I am vegan, not Oreo vegan hahaha.

    Thank you so much! And if you ever need a video producer and everything else girl, I'd drop everything and move to England tout de suite!

  4. Just watched the vlog and my daughter (3 years old) stopped by to say hi to you. She was a bit dissappointed you didn't say hi back.

  5. I quite liked this vlog - and very much agree on scheduling. During winter, I pretty much do not book anything after work during the week. It's just too dark too early (though not nearly as early as in London) and all I want to do is go home and be warm. It's been very liberating not to book stuff, since it means I don't have anything to dread or wish I could get out of.

    Love the email idea, but live in terror of my boss (who is amazing) sending one of his "Swing by my office when you can" notes and me missing it for hours. You're inspiring me to try to make this work, though.

  6. You are never a dullard Caroline! Keep up your fabulous public service broadcasting. Will we see the new fridge next week I wonder?! 😜 Xx

  7. Yay!!! I'm glad the weekly vlogs are back!!! So after waffling about it for awhile I finally bit the bullet and ordered the first aid beauty facial radiance pads per your recommendation. I hope they live up to your praise!!!

  8. Hello Caroline! Would you please consider doing a Cheat Sheet for rosacea? :)

  9. One day you'll just need to do a proper post extolling the wonders of Dettol for us Americans. ;P

  10. I really can't get my head around menu planning, I wish I could! I never know what I'll feel like eating and I can't make myself eat something I'm not in the mood for, I just put lots of stuff in my online shopping basket up to X amount and wing it from there haha.


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