Friday, 29 April 2016

Random Round-Up No.2

Hi All!

Another week - some Instagram newness for you below amongst other updates..

Kate Somerville Official Goat Milk Statement (file under - 'things you never thought you would type'):
"We added Natural Milk Proteins to provide enhanced skin barrier function to better address the needs of those with sensitive skin.  This new formula is also clinically tested safe for sensitive skin."

A lot of you have asked if the new formula would still be in the Hall of Fame - I don't know yet is the answer (but I really hope so). I'm just working my way through the older formula and will keep you posted.

This is a brilliant super affordable body moisturiser if you're dry. Dive in. Although it has nothing to do with Norway. Odd.

Do not buy this. That is all. Forms into a rock hard square shape and pees out a little water when you try and squeeze it out. I would bin it, but it's so bad that I'm saving it for a video so you can see what I mean.

Bobbi Brown's Bali Brown Illuminating Bronzer and Charlotte Tilbury's Bronzer brush are my new addictions.

This poor love took a right bashing on Instagram for it's packaging. The upshot is that I absolutely LOVE the formula and get compliments on my skin whenever I wear it. The downside is that a great many of us find it impossible to get enough out of the dropper. Although a few readers gave us tips that had been passed on from the BB teams across counters, honestly - if you have to explain how to use a foundation bottle it may be time to rethink it no? However, formula is ace.

Chanel newness is LUSH. Very much-needed and wanted extensions to the Hydra Beauty range including the eye cream (not pictured), a lotion/essence and the Flash which is gorgeous. REALLY gorgeous.

MAC Vibe Tribe is out Mid-May and is perfect for summer skins. Well, unless it's still SNOWING in summer. Yes. It snowed today in London. 29th April. WTH?

Bobbi Brown Beach Glow Sun Kissed Pink Eye Palette was one of my most-liked pictures - you ladies do like your eyeshadows :) and these are perfectly pigmented.

Votary released a beautiful luxury gift box of flannels (face cloths) and I have more gorgeous newness to show you from Votary next week. LUSHNESS incoming.

My most-used brow pencil from Studio 10 now serves as a fundraiser for Look Good Feel Better - great news, great product. More info here: 

Viktor & Rolf have released BonBon in a Hair Mist. Yes it smells as good as you expect it to. 

I finally got around to really road testing the Drunk Elephant Serum that so many of you are obsessed with. Review to follow.

That Laura Mericer Body Cleanse in Tea Menthe Citron is THE perfect morning WAKEUP call.

No vlog this week - too busy with loads of work that is mostly for clients and thus confidential - will keep you posted - more blog posts coming though so YAY!


  1. I couldn't agree more about the Bobbi Brown foundation Caroline. A truly beautiful product but an absolute pain to use. I've just finished my bottle but I, as much as I love it, I won't be replacing because of the ill thought out packaging. The lavender might also put some people off although I personally love it. I had the pleasure of seeing you wearing this in Brighton Caroline and you are right it was truly luminous on you. Thank you again for being so fun and informative that night. I hope you enjoyed your day trip and come again.

    1. Ah thank YOU for coming. And I do love this foundation. The application process is just a pain! :) x

  2. I just purchased the Bobbi Brown eyeshadow quad. I don't have any Bobbi Brown and this looked pretty. It's on back order so I'm glad to hear that you liked it.

  3. In fairness now, whatever as to their official statement, they did a lot more than just add milk proteins. The original ingredients are still up on beautypedia and when you compare them to the current formulation there's a marked difference between the two. It'll be interesting to see what you make of the new and maybe-not-so-improved version.

  4. Excited hear whatever you've got coming up about Votary. I've been considering the oil and toner, so I'm sure you'll be convincing me on another product too ;-)
    The Beauty Bloss

  5. Hi Caroline, I am also incredibly frustrated with the Honest Beauty SPF packaging, although I really like the product. (I have the non-tinted version.) Would cutting open the packaging and transferring the product to a different container affect the effectiveness of the SPF? Also, how did no one notice this in testing?! Thanks so much!

  6. I've been trying to get meself the Bobbi Brown foundation for a while now. Her products work really well with my medium-tan-warm skin. Silly stores in Sydney fail to stock anything darker than a 4 on-site (available online though) so I really don't know what shade I am :/

  7. Caroline, this is why it snowed ... Love the guy x

  8. Hi Caroline, those eyeshadow palettes have such similar colours! Do you by any chance rate one more highly than the other? Thank you!

  9. That statement from KS is really disappointing and doesn't answer any of the questions that people are asking, its very close to burying your head in the sand and hoping the questions will go away.

  10. Miss Caroline, I had an Ah-ha moment when I went into Sephora and said that I had gotten a perfume sample but could not remember the name, I just knew that everytime I went in the store, that the store smelled like it. She immediately knew that it was Flowerbomb. I got home and asked my husband, "Isn't Flowerbomb the perfume that Caroline (no last name needed :-)) said she couldn't live without?". You see, while you watch SVU, we watch you! Thank you for never mincing your words!

  11. I want to love the Bobbi Brown foundation but my issue isn't the bottle its the fact it doesn't seem to last on my face :-(
    I've tried everything ..primers of all sorts including Pixi, layering oils and serums incase dehydration is making my face "eat" it, brushes , fingers, sponges to apply and nothing its pretty much vanished by lunch time
    I don't normally use powder to set as I'm dry/dehydrated and they seem to make me look cakey my last hope is the newly acquired BB Nude Finish powder which the sales lady assured me won't make things drier ...
    Any advice from anyone gracefully received as it's an absolute perfect colour match for once arrgghhh!!

    1. I thought I'm the odd one . I feel you... Just when everyone is loving BB serum foundation it doesn't last on me and is actually quite drying if I were to set it with powder..and I live in a tropical weather all year long ! I hate it when a lovely product is not meant for my skin :(

    2. The Bobbi Brown Nude Finish powder worked !!! I just buffed a little all over my face with a Real Techniques Expert Face brush and the foundation has stayed put.. not cakey at all even though my face is generally desert like :-)
      I am so relieved as the BB Alabaster shade is the only one on the planet that matches my face ...Happy Days !
      It worked in Florida humidity for me so it might be worth a try.

  12. The Vibe Tribe collection is pretty but wtf @ that campaign, it makes me cringe so hard. The statements Mac have made about it not being cultural appropriation and 'not inspired by native Americans' are such bs (with those images and names like 'arrowhead' and 'call of the canyon', really?). Again the products look amazing but the whole thing grossed me out so much I won't be purchasing. Mac is gonna make a ton of money off this and I doubt that the people whose culture they're nabbing will see any of it.

    1. Agree with you 100%. Before I saw the promo pics and heard the statement about it being solely about festivals I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. THEN I saw the pics ... Are we that stuck for ideas that we have to keep recycling these same themes when time after time it's made clear why this causes offence? Someone fell asleep at the wheel, because Mac does know better. Sloppy work.

  13. Regarding Bobbi Brown skin serum foundation, less is more. I like it but I like Chanel Les Beige (thank you for recommending Caroline) a tad better. Same price. I also use the correct and conceal serums from Bobbi and love them. My absolute must have from Bobbi Brown is the brown eyeliner. Nothing else is as good.

  14. Caroline, wouldn't it be fun if you had your readers share their must-haves and you could may be publish the ones that are well-put together? Just a thought...might be fun to see what others are using. May be have a limit on how many to publish so it doesn't become overwhelming. I hope you don't mind my suggestion.

  15. Hi Caroline!!
    I've been following you for a few months now {blog and Instagram} and I just wanted to say that you have completely flipped the way I look at skincare! You're so right, here in America it's all about foaming and scrubbing...but I've said so long to all that ;-) Been using gentle cleansers, pixi glow, and more moisture on my 35 year old acne-prone, dehydrated skin.(The only thing I'm missing is a great oil or moisturizer that is NOT oil-free but won't make my skin freak out)
    Though this week I had a lovely hormonal breakout and decided to use a Glamglow sample to see if it might help and OMG, it made it WORSE! We're talking swollen, red, cry-worthy worse. One of the worst breakouts of my LIFE! Anywho, so I followed your cheat sheet and babied my skin, as an apology to it, drank lots of water, took lots of fish oil and supplements and I KID YOU NOT, it's been 2 days and my skin is nearly back to normal!! This has NEVER happened before, not this quickly at least. I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you! From the bottom of my heart! ♡ I so appreciate your honesty and humor.
    With love from Florida,

  16. Caroline, just bought this cleanser while visiting Usa this week, really wanted to try the KS line, have sensitive skin & it goes red pretty easily, so after two tries, my nose area is pretty red & tingling a bit.. Disappointed as marketed to sensitive skin..


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