Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Jouer Ready To Wear Palette - Warm

I picked this up in January in LA, took these pictures for the blog, then promptly filed them in the wrong folder, as you do. It was only when I was using it this morning that I remembered I had photographed it. Sigh. ANYWAY:

The Jouer range to me, is like a cousin to Hourglass. They're not actually related, but they always remind me of them. This palette is among the many available on the market that can feasibly do an entire face, except the colours are, in my opinion, much nicer than most. It's much more a day to night, rather than one or the other.

I went for warm, primarily for the cognac and peach glow, but it is also available in a cool palette, and there are some good visuals and further info on that one on Jouer's website here.

Jouer Ready to Wear Palette is £35.00 and available from in the UK

It's also available directly from Jouer here.


  1. These colours are so pretty and summery I love all of them!

  2. The shades truly are gorgeous and there is also something about the simple packaging and the pared-down, downsized range which reminds me of Hourglass as well!

  3. Hi Caroline,

    The cool version would be right up my alley, but how's the packaging quality? In all the product photos it doesn't look like the sturdiest one ever (paper?), so not sure it would travel well.

    1. I would call it 'sturdy cardboard' and it's slightly magnetised too which always helps. x

    2. Thank you :) though I guess that steers me in the direction of the Stila Perfect palette.

  4. I love the idea of palettes. They are so easy to pop in your bag and have everything you need in one place!

    Katie. xx La Coco Noire

  5. How does this compare with the new palette from Charlotte Tilbury - if you had to only get one, which one would it be? Decisions, decisions...

  6. This looks really lovely! Perfect for everyday

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  7. This looks like a beautiful pallete! Would love to give it a try with the cool version. Thanks for sharing!

  8. This photos deserve all the heart-eyed emojis. Plus, cognac? I love that name (and shade) for an eye shadow color! Beautiful!


  9. This is so pretty! I've never had anything for Jouer before but this looks lovely xx

  10. These colours are just a perfect combination! I don't usually like to buy palette products (it always seems that two are all used up and I'm left with wasted product), but this might actually persuade me to give it a try again. It sure would decrease the weight in my handbag!


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