Saturday, 21 May 2016

Viktor&Rolf Bonbon Couture and Vlog 27

I was recently invited to Amsterdam by Viktor&Rolf for the launch of their new fragrance, Bonbon Couture. 

The launch was held in the Viktor & Rolf House which did not disappoint. Bon Bon Couture is an addition to the original fragrance line and is older, more sophisticated and less intense than the original.

The trip is the main focus of Vlog 27. More info on the fragrance when it launches next month. 

Thank you for having me Viktor&Rolf - and Amsterdam I'll be back. Soon. :)


  1. Nice to see a new Vlog, always a pleasure :) x

  2. What nail polish (looks like gold gorgeousness) and lovely lipgloss are you wearing in Amsterdam?? Dying to go there! It looks so amazing! Thank you for your fantastic blog & vlogs!!

  3. What nail polish (gold loveliness) and lipgloss are you wearing in Amsterdam? So pretty!

  4. I just spent 6 hours..yes 6 CONSECUTIVE HOURS...reading your blog cover to cover..obvs not all the articles but i went through EVERY page! I am in love with your blog and your recommendations! Major skincare regime uphaul coming in! THANK YOU for being so awesome!

  5. Hi Caroline. Cant tell you how much i enjoy reading your blog. Can you recommend a basic moisturizer for normal/combination skin thats suitable for sensitive skin? I'm 24 and had awesome skin in my teens until I turned 20 och started to get a lot of whiteheads.. I live in Sweden, but can order from feelunique who stock a lot of brands. Price is no problem ;)

  6. Sorry to be so trivial but that sweatshirt is just the most gorgeous colour, where is it from 😍😍😍😍


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