Thursday, 18 August 2016

Huda Beauty Liquid Mattes

I'm not even sure there will any left of these by the time I have posted this, but if you like a good lip product, and aren't keen on the super glossy look, these are worth checking out. I know it makes me a bad blogger to say that I wasn't overly aware of Huda Beauty until recently, but suffice to say she's huge - no really huge - in the beauty influencer/Instagram/blogging world.

The products launched in Harrods last Monday - a perfect place for such a massive Middle Eastern brand - especially at this time of year - and by all accounts are flying off the shelves. I love that each Liquid Matte has a corresponding pencil, something so simple yet so often overlooked by beauty brands.

Huda Beauty is available from Cult Beauty and Harrods.

Liquid Mattes are £18.00 and available here.

Lip Contours are £16.00 and available here.


  1. Dying to know what your thoughts are on the formula x

  2. I'm dying to try these! I follow Huda Beauty on all social media platforms and she is amazing! Great post xx

    Mae ♥

  3. Just ordered some of these in Gossip Gurl, Trophy Wife, Icon and Bombshell... Look forward to play with them. The pencils are very good, even if used alone, indeed!

  4. This liquid lipstick is everything, best one on the market and i've tried everything from MAC to NYX but nothing compares to this! One application lasted me 10+, my lips were smooth and still felt hydrated yet didn't feel crumbly like other brands yuck! Honestly at £18 this is a bargain, i'm convinced once I get all the colours I will never have to buy another brand of lipstick again. Oh and 'Spice girl' is THE perfect nude shade for women of colour, looks great on brown skin! Obsessed with Huda Beauty x

  5. The finish sound very interesting. I only ever heard of her lashes before.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  6. Please, please, lovely and talented Lady Caroline, a Fave Fives Serums!! Your word is like gold.

  7. Interesting. I had never heard of her until she popped up on Lisa Eldridge's channel a few months ago. She didn't make a great impression on me (Huda, not Lisa) and I'll leave it at that. She is, however, very, very beautiful.

    I don't think not knowing about these people makes you a "bad blogger" by any means. There are too many of them now, and most of them have nothing interesting to say, IMO. I used to "follow" a number of people. Now, it's limited to you, Stephanie Nicole, and Lisa E. I also like Sali Hughes, but she doesn't seem to do many videos these days. Whenever she posts a new "In the Bathroom With..." I'm there! I'm not normally a fan of liquid lipsticks, but if you like this brand, I'll try one. Did you find them drying?

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  9. Haven't tried the formulas myself but the shades look amazing!
    Chica Daily

  10. Dear Caroline, what are your thoughts on the brand 'living libations'? If you've ever used any of their products, do let us (me) know! thanks!!

  11. Dear Caroline, have you ever heard/used products from the brand 'living libations'? If so, kindly share your thoughts! Thanks!!


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