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3rd generation Beauty Industry insider.

I love the industry I work in. Love it. I love my job.
My obsession for all things skin borders on unhealthy - and I'm fine with that.
I desperately wish people would wash their face properly. Wipes are for bums.
Mother of 4, wife of 1.

Trained in over 100 brands and a globally qualified advanced facialist.
Developed bespoke facials and trained teams internationally for top brands in the UK, USA and Far East.
Now working as a Consultant to brands and retailers in the Beauty Industry.
Advises brands on the route into market, where they should be selling and why.
Puts brands into those retailers.
Keeps both parties happy.

Skin consultations:
I have no dates open for skin consultations at the present time. It will probably be around September time.

I have worked in the industry for over 17 years. This means I am fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to try lots of product. Lots of product. The majority of what I review has been sent as a PR sample or passed on from a brand directly but this never affects my opinion or recommendations.

I am always happy to receive product for review or testing and as grateful as I am for the opportunity, please be aware this does not automatically mean I will post about it.  If you read this site you'll know that it is just as likely that your product - if it works - will turn up as a recommendation to a reader's comment or on Instagram/Tumblr/Pinterest

Product Recommendations Disclaimer:
I am always happy to recommend products and this has obviously become a key part of the blog and now YouTube. Any recommendation is based on my experience with something - or the trusted experience of a tester - but everyone's skin is different and something that works for me may not necessarily work for you in the same way.
The same with allergic reactions - it is impossible to anticipate allergies - it is pretty much possible for anyone to be allergic to anything.
If you are new to the site you will soon see that I'm not a fan of mineral oil in facial skincare products. If you use it - and love it - and are happy with your skin, lovely. All I want is for people to have good skin that makes them feel great about themselves and look their best at all times. If your products contain mineral oil and you love using them, carry on. If it ain't broke etc... - but please, don't waste your time leaving anonymous comments ranting about how much you love mineral oil and how amazing it is etc. If you're that passionate about it maybe you should consider starting your own blog?  :)

You can find me here - I'm really sorry but please note due to high demand I am unable to answer skincare queries individually. It is literally impossible.

It's a family affair - below (on the left) is my lovely mum on her counter in the 60's....

and here is her mother - my beautiful Nana on her counter in the 60's...

Photo of me courtesy of Michelle George.
Photos of Mum and Nana courtesy of Mum's bureau in the sun room. Yes. I stole them. Copyright now mine. :)

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