Emma Hardie Rejuvenating Night Cream

I know I’m a little obsessed with Emma Hardie.

It’s not my fault. It started with this – one of the BEST cleansers I have EVER used. And I have used A LOT.

I love everything about it – the smell, the texture, the small amount that you actually need to use, the fact that it takes EVERYTHING off – waterproof included (although waterproof mascara is unacceptable unless you are attending a funeral – you have time to tint your eyelashes for everything else), the fact that it is perfect for your daily facial massage – more of that here and for the simple fact that it is non-mineral oil. Joyous. If you haven’t used it – you should.

Well now she’s gone and done it again. HOW. RUDE. Purses at the ready:

Meet Rejuvenating Night Cream – your new friend.

OK so firstly, this little pot of wonder? It’s NOT SO LITTLE.  Emma is encouraging us to think of the bigger picture and use this all over the face, neck, decollete and down to the boobs.  All the muscles in these areas are inter-connected and thus it makes perfect sense.  Now, you couldn’t do this with a piddly little 15ml pump.

So, for scale, and your viewing pleasure, here is the pot in all it’s 100ml glory alongside something you may already recognise:


Yup. This is a MOTHER of a pot of cream. It is designed to alleviate dull, lifeless and ageing complexions. Hello??? She could have saved time and called it Caroline’s Old Hag Cream.

This glorious potion contains Platinum – yes – that Platinum – to energize the cells, Plankton (one of my all-time fave inci’s), for the same purpose, Pumpkin enzymes and a whole heap of Omega oils and Flower extracts. It aids pigmentation, plumps, tones and firms the skin – and I am liking what I see so far.

I started following Emma’s advice and used it every evening after cleansing – but I am loving it so much that I am using it night and day – all over the designated areas.

One big dollop does everywhere – and you know my favourite part?

It doesn’t absorb immediately upon application. Always be wary of a cream that disappears as soon as you put it on your skin. It’s a dead giveaway that it contains at least 2 things: synthetic ‘pushers’ and silicone. I’m not totally against silicone – dimethicone is ok – but I prefer it in my make-up which is designed to sit on the surface of the skin – not my creams.

And those serums/creams that are sold to you on the basis of ‘look how quickly that absorbed! Your skin is obviously parched and needs it!’ You know who you are. Bite Me. Synthetic pushers are basically a way of forcing something into the skin that would either a: not absorb on its own or b: not be welcome by the skin naturally.

This cream absorbs – but you need to rub it in.  And it’s Sweet Blessed Relief (TM) when you do so.

Smells divine, feels rich but not thick, not sticky, and spreads a long way.

You’ll need to wait until September to get it in stores but it is worth bearing it in mind and saving for it now. Early signs of ageing? You need it.  Busy, stressed lifestyle (who doesn’t)? You need it. Used to paying less for your night creams? Splurge. Happy to pay in the 100’s for your creams? Get a grip of yourself, and Save.

And I love the tag line on the pack: A visibly more youthful, vibrant looking skin. No appointment necessary.

Emma Hardie Rejuvenating Night Cream is priced at a beyond reasonable and affordable £56.00 for 100ml and goes on sale in September in selected SpaceNK stores nationwide.
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