Edward Bess Launch


Basically, we were all invited to the launch of Edward Bess by the lovely Zuneta. Months ago. I subsequently ‘lost’ the pictures somewhere on the XD card.

So it has been reviewed left, right and centre – and swatched – and photographed. So just sit back and enjoy the people behind the blogs:

L-R, Get Lippie, Musical Houses, Peonies and Lilies, So Far So Chic, Katie’s Beauty Blog, London Beauty Review, London Makeup Girl, Edward Bess, Makeup By Katy, Me standing on the sofa, Vex in the City, Lipglossiping, Modesty Brown, Zuneta, Too Much Blush


And again for luck…..and incidentally, if you are here and not named feel free to let me know!

But most importantly: Ever wonder what happens when a load of beauty bloggers get together with wine, crisps and swag???

Too Much Blush, London Makeup Girl, So Far So Chic, London Beauty Review, Makeup by Katy, Get Lippie, London Beauty Review

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Edward Bess is available from the fabulous Zuneta.