Baby It’s Cold Outside

I’m a Leo. In case that wasn’t glaringly obvious – but nonetheless, I love the sun. A lot. I don’t do well in the cold. Makes me moody. Grumpy. Kind of how I feel right now truth be told in case that also isn’t glaringly obvious.

So if, like me, you pray for the day when you see the crocuses starting to show themselves in the ground – here are a few of my friends that carry me through until the clocks go forward.

Sounds simple enough – but I don’t know anyone that drinks enough. I drink at least two pints an hour throughout the day (more in the Summer). When I don’t drink enough, I get headaches, dry skin and moody. *pauses to go get water* *no, really*

Vitamin D
I have posted previously about the importance of Vitamin D here. Read it. Make your own mind up. But it does make a difference.

Top-to-toe, every day. I have listed some of my favourites for the body previously, but some facial must-haves for me now are:

Alpha-H Essential Hydration Cream

The fact that I first received this cream back in the Summer and still find it hydrating enough when it’s snowing is a testament to its regulating properties. I love an intelligent cream that allows your skin to take what it needs when it needs it. It works for all skin types in all weather and is a feast of sea minerals, essential fatty acids and peptides along with ylang ylang, arnica and peppermint. I use it AM and PM and it is a fabulous base for makeup. This is around the £30 mark and is worth every penny.
Organic Surge Overnight Sensation Night Cream

I’m enjoying this at the moment – a little goes a long way and it’s incredibly light yet still moisturising. The essential oil scents are not overpowering which makes a refreshing change for a natural/organic product. Contains aloe vera, shea butter and grapeseed oil – suitable for all skin types and frankly at £7.99 it’s an absolute bargain. Albeit a luxurious one.

Trilogy Age Proof Replenishing Night Cream

Smooth to the touch, fabulous texture, lovely smell. Contains evening primrose, marula seed, olive and avocado oils along with rosehip and hyaluronic acid. Leaves the skin feeling plump and really soft in the mornings. Around £31.50


A good balm is an absolute essential year round must-have but especially in Winter.

My favourite is Neals Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm

You cannot go wrong with this. Although it is multi-purpose – you can use it as a cleanser, a mask or the way I use it, a super emolliating, nourishing balm.  I LOVE this balm. It contains high levels of rosehip oil which is an antioxidant that helps firm and repair the skin – along with jojoba, hemp, starflower, beeswax, rosemary and frankincense. It’s around £36 and will literally last you over a year if you use it occasionally as a night time treat. When my skin is having a particularly bad flare-up (acne rosacea – welcome to 41 and the land of the Raging Hormones) I give it a really good double cleanse and then smother my face in this. Works wonders.

Important: Don’t think that if you are oily/combination you must avoid oil. Just avoid bad oils (mineral etc). Stick to oils that you could call edible (or could take as a supplement) and you’ll be fine. If you starve your skin of oil it will make more and you’ll never break the cycle.  I rub the Wild Rose Balm all over my face – spots and all. It softens the skin and not only aids the swift removal of the spot (if you’re a popper) but takes down the redness.

Wake Me Up

Getting up at 6am in the pitch black when everyone else is still asleep is not my favourite thing. I need help. These shower gels give me a kick up the backside or a full on slap in the face depending on my needs:

Aromatherapy Associates Revive Body Wash

Aromatherapy Associates are experts in their field. Always copied, never bettered.  This is the gentler option of the shower gels, refreshing with neroli, pink grapefruit and bergamot. Has a lovely gentle cleansing action – SLS and SLES free so you don’t get that really ‘Fairy Washing Up Liquid’ foam. Derived from oat and coconut so really softening on the skin. A little goes a long way. 1-2 pumps does the whole body, I also use it on the younger kids in their baths.

Kneipp Shower Washes in Juniper or Rosemary

Sleepless nights? Late nights? Need an extra boost in the mornings to go to work/do the school run? The Kneipp products are like blow torches to the nasal cavity. In a great way. In the middle of winter I prefer the Rosemary or Juniper versions. Invigorating and stimulating, they really clear your head as well as cleaning your body. If you like a bath you have to try their bath salts too, especially in Eucalyptus and Spruce. A-ma-zing. You’ll never look back. This is also great for smelly teenagers.