I’m getting older…..

I had a bit of an epiphany recently regarding my makeup.

It went like this: ‘1997 rang – it wants its look back.’

However much I loved my usual daily combo of foundation/concealer/mascara/ten tons of blusher/four tubes of lip gloss – I realised as I applied my fourth type of concealer that it was maybe time to up the ante.  I had crossed the line. If you’re in the industry you’ll know what line I mean. I am officially an ‘older’ skin.  Why?

It goes like this – when you’re ‘younger’ you spend 30 seconds applying a tinted moisturiser (maybe – and with your fingers) and 10 minutes doing your eyes.

When you’re ‘older’ you spend 10 minutes applying your primer/base/face concealer/eye concealer/powder (all with brushes), leave it to ‘set’, make a cup of tea, do your eyebrows, add (a lot of) blusher, two different mascaras because one lengthens and one makes you look like you still have eyelashes, no eyeshadow because frankly who has the time and anyway why draw attention to these overhanging lids?, lip pencil, lipstick and maybe lip gloss if you don’t have the lines around your mouth that make it bleed. Then you check your concealer IS covering what it should and think ‘Sod it – that’ll have to do’.

Yeah that’s me. I AM my mother.