Eye Cream for Boys?

Just a quick email to pick your brains about eye creams? Am trying/fighting/forcing my other half to acutally engage in some sort of useful skin care routine… Have managed to get him intermittently using Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and moisturiser but he hates the puffiness and hooded look around his eyes and eye bags… he’s a nurse that works nightshifts which I know doesn’t help. Know of anything that might help? Looking for something with potent stuff in it that could get results that I could possibly try and get him to use for longer than a couple of days!

Well firstly well done on getting him to use something. If he’s anything like mine it’s a slippery slope to him stealing using all your products from here on in!  When it comes to boys I know this much – they will secretly use whatever you recommend or leave lying around – as long as it’s not fuschia pink and glittery they’ll give it a go. That being said – there are a lot of products on the market at the moment aimed directly at men and for unisex use that can take care of his poor puffiness!

The ones that I would go to in the first instance are:

KORRES Ruscus and Chestnut Men’s Eye Cream


This is really popular with the men in my family – it’s light, absorbs easily and the Ruscus helps with dark circles while the chestnut helps with fine lines. Contains zinc oxide giving it SPF value of about 6. It’s priced around £22.00 and is available from most major retailers.

Anthony Logistics Continuous Moisture Eye Cream

This contains green tea and caffeine for puffiness so may be the way to go if that is what he is really concerned about. Anthony is the biggest selling men’s line in the US and this cream is readily available here for around the £32 mark.

And finally – one that I am using religiously myself – a fairly unknown brand called Beauty Lab. The eye cream in this range has helped me with dark circles and is putting up a good fight with my puffiness – which is no mean feat.

Beauty Lab Instant Renewal Eye Complex

This is perfectly unisex, is completely unscented and has a brilliant dispenser that you can control yourself – something missing in a lot of dispenser-led creams. Priced at £27.00 it’s available from beautylabshop.com.

Let me know how you get on!