CEW Beauty Awards Lunch

This Friday I attended the CEW Beauty Awards held at the Intercontinental in Park Lane. Long seen as the ‘Oscars’ of the beauty industry the CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women) recognises the best of the best in what is a highly competitive market.
I’ve been a member of CEW for a number of years and my favourite part is actually getting time to table hop and see people that although you may have known your entire career, you get very little time to see day-to-day.

Gorgeous flowers from Moyses Stevens


Face of Superdrug Joanna Page – SO. SWEET.


Marigay with legs that appear to have no end and an outfit I GUARANTEE you did not come from Primark.


The ever-inspiring Professor Ian Jacobs accepting a cheque from CEW to The Eve Appeal for £25,000.


The lovely Robyn Seymour from Beauty Seen PR


What WOULD have been a gorgeous picture of Liz, Brand Manager of All for Eve had it not been for the keen water waiter.


Sara, Head of Beauty for Superdrug and Founder of All for Eve George Hammer – a man that makes Alan Sugar look like an amateur


Totally superfluous picture of the pudding. NOM.
Me papping the man papping the Balance Me girls accepting their first award of the day.


Kristy Goodger from Elemental Herbology winning £50,000 worth of advertising from Global Radio and Lisa Snowden in a dress she borrowed from me. 😉

Aside from the obvious reasons, I was personally hoping for another All for Eve win as I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a winning brand three years in a row – and so was beyond thrilled when we did indeed take home ‘Best New Hand and Nail’ for the Swarovski crystal nail file.

Nice little bit of Lalique to add to the All for Eve collection. Five out of Six!

And the aftermath……!
Due to their ‘sensitive’ nature not ALL pictures taken after the event are suitable for print. In fact, some of them could be eligible for the odd superinjunction…so here’s the ones that won’t ruin my career and get me or anyone else for that matter, arrested..enjoy….until next year!

‘It’s all over for another year!’ Caroline Neville and Susan Mahy from the CEW
George Hammer and Robin Vincent of Clarins
Andrea Fulerton making her departure. Note the heels already off and in the bag. Girl after my own heart


Sian from Balance Me and Helena from NARS
Carolyn and Fiona from Decleor, Lee from Bare Minerals and Helena from NARS ‘decompressing’


The Emma Hardie team. Otherwise known as ‘Makers of Caroline’s favourite cleanser thank-you-very-much.’

Tune in to QVC tonight at 8pm to see a selection of winners and nominees and an appearance from my good self (now that I’ve had time to recover)….