Paris – A culinary tour…Part 1. The food. (OK. Some of the food…)

I went to Paris last week (for reasons that will become clear later in the week) with Evadne. Otherwise known as the excitable pup that is Get Lippie.

We apparently tweeted a lot about the food and wine because I came back to numerous requests on twitter to do a post on the food – never mind the beauty shopping…

So – in the first of two parts – enjoy Paris – via breakfast, snacks and beaucoup de vin rouge with the Mouthy and Lippie ones.

Well you did ask…..

Breakfast on arrival. Omelette avec beaucoup de fromage!


‘I’m hungry from all that shopping and walking – let’s stop for a snack.’ Tomato salad and red wine. Obviously…


Typical sights from our trip. Wine, bread, water, food and a swatched hand!


Think I’ll give Kermit a miss thanks..


Seeing a pattern here?? Dinner. Bread, water, wine and Pepsi – for the energy doncha know..


Peppers stuffed with fresh crab


Mozzarella, Tomato, Pesto and bread… sigh
See that queue? I like a queue. It’s always a good sign. We’ll be back.


Words you want to hear when you walk into a restaurant: ‘Do you have a reservation?’

Le Relais de L’Entrecote serves three things: steak frites, red wine and desert. And you get two servings of the steak frites. Hence the ‘Relay’. What an absolute genius idea for a restaurant. It was PACKED. On a Tuesday lunchtime. And it was good. SO. GOOD. Bliss.

Steak Relay. Literally a relay of steak. Vegetarians need not apply.  Round one below – rinse and repeat.



A frequent visitor at our table…
Would you like any onion soup with your melted cheese Madame?




The Eurostar home. Alcohol courtesy of FHM. Don’t ask.

Tomorrow: the shops. The food shops. Not the beauty shops. They’re coming though.