Please give me a glow and not make me turn Orange?

At this time of the year, most years every year, I turn a few shades darker and go slightly orange browner. I love the sun. I always have. I have pigmentation that doesn’t really bother me and I know how much it dehydrates my skin. I DO take all precautionary steps to help/avoid these things – more of which next time.

But while I’m busy going orange brown, there ARE a few things that help to give you a ‘glow’. Not the hot flush kind, I can do that all on my own thanks. Just a nice ‘You look well!’ kind of glow.

First up is Paula Dorf’s Jet Set Glo. A tinted moisturiser by any other name, this is sheer and very light so I actually use it on TOP of my foundation/moisturiser.

This was available in SpaceNK years ago and has since proved hard to find on these shores (hence the bad visual) – but it is worth getting hold of if you’re in the States. Jet Set Glo is to Paula Dorf what Laguna is to Nars. Or what Touche Eclat is to YSL. You get the picture.

Next up is New CID’s i-glow in Coral Crush. A gorgeous mix of coral, gold and pink, this makes me look alive and healthy even when I’m so tired that I want to take to my bed. The powder is baked – not pressed. It’s really nicely pigmented, is light to use and gives a shimmer – NOT a face full of glitter. I’m 41 not 14.
A word on the packaging though. It’s a bit bulky for my makeup bag. If you think of how thin Nars Laguna is – this is shaped like a pack of cards with its legs cut off. So verdict is: worth it for the gorgeous colour, texture and result – but make it thinner and therefore lighter to carry please. Marvellous. Thanks.

Lastly, a new diffusion range from the makers of Make Believe – the fake tan people. I love everything in this range. It hits the nail on the head price-wise – everything under £10! And again, gives shimmer – not glitter. Glow – not shine!

The two favourites for me are the Enhance Luminize Skin Highlighter and the Lip Gloss.

This is perfect for highlighting eyebrows and the tops of cheeks – and unlike some more expensive brands, stays where you put it. Does. Not. Budge. And it’s under £7.00. What’s not to love?

And lips. Aah how I love a lip gloss. I don’t really ‘do’ a lot of makeup – I have a look (that involves a lot of blusher, bronzer and gloss) and stick to it. But I DO ‘do’ lips. And I’m a gloss girl. I like a lippie, but I don’t squeal when I walk past Tom Ford, which I believe is the prerequisite for lippie aficionados. They’re always a bit ‘bitty’ on my lips. If you know what I mean?

I love the Pixi Vitamin Lip Silk in No.4 Hero.

It’s soft, smells lovely and gives great coverage – it’s more lip coloured than it would seem – it’s not a big scary red. Pixi are a gorgeous brand producing hi-end cosmetics at an affordable price. LOVE.

And finally I’ve found a gloss in a big size, that is the perfect balance of shimmer, not glitter and is irridescent pinky/coral/silver/gold AND that can be worn alone or go over any other gloss or lipstick? Yes please!

And if said gloss is under £10? Whoop! I knew I’d love this gloss when I saw it in the tube. I love it even more on. And it smells citrus like tangerines. Or Refresher sweets. Remember Refreshers? Like that. Love. 

N.B. I tried to take a picture of the gloss on my lips – but I looked hideous and jowly.  I need sleep. So you’ll have to imagine it in your head. This is why I don’t do FOTD’s. Well, that and the fact that my face is essentially the same every day…

Enhance is available at Boots, Pixi is available from its own store in Foubert’s Place and through Boots and ASOS – New CID is available from QVC and other stockists – and Paula Dorf? Outside of the US – God only knows. If you find out let me know.

The Small Print: The Enhance and New CID products were provided by PR for testing – and I will definitely be repurchasing. Paula Dorf was purchased by my fair hand, rather excitedly, in NYC.