Hidden Treasures – Spray Tan

I don’t like being pale. I’m not one of those people who can carry it off. I look ill. The kind where people say ‘Are you ok? You don’t look well.’ Yeah. That.

So I’m partial to a bit of self-tan – and when the need arises – a spray tan.

If you’re of the same thinking you’d best be getting yourself off to see Busi at Beauty Essence in Curzon Street in Central London.
Nothing fancy going on here – just a perfect Central London location and a no-nonsense team. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to wearing paper knickers (and nothing else) and being told to bend forward – basically sticking my not-small behind in Busi’s face. God Bless Her. The woman is a pro – doesn’t flinch. They use Xen-Tan, which is one of my go-to tanning lotions of choice. Nice and dark and tends to fade altogether rather than go patchy – certainly on me anyway.

Beauty Essence has other branches in the City and Soho